2020: The year that wasn’t

For some of us there have been some major historical events that are marked forever more in our consciousness. When 9/11 occurred I wondered for days how we would get through that feeling of sadness and despair. We got through it. We mourned. We strategized. We grew up as a collective. For some, the date is searing hot in their minds. For some, its just the date and the year in which it happened may have been forgotten. It was 2001, by the way.

Fast forward to 2020. Does the year even exist? As my son noted this morning, the year 2020 gets scratched. He’s already thinking ahead to 2021 with the hope that masks will be gone and he will be seated in a classroom.

We are more than half way through the year and the sense of time is readily suspended. Where has the year gone? I regularly sign and date documents and it feels oddly strange to date them 2020. I don’t feel we have a year. We are just on covid-19 times. Non-stop.

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  1. My experience is in embracing this time and learning so much from my own reactions. I value every second I have and ignore whatever stories and expectations may rise in thinking. I believe that being aware and accepting of my own mortality gives me the opportunity to value life even more. Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. 4 Percent of the Population uses 40 Percent of Global Resources Nature’s Time-Out 25 Percent of Covid-19
    Deaths only the Tipping
    Point of An Iceberg as
    This Titanic is Out of
    Balance And Sinking
    Becoming 2020
    Clearer in
    Year of What
    Counts in Life Most:


    Nature Takes
    Care of the Rest
    Of the Karma For Real
    Like the Subconscious
    95 Percent of our Mind
    We aRe Blind too As Well..:)

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