Searching for an xbox: Oh Covid!

This past weekend I embarked on an unexpected adventure. I needed to get my son an Xbox. Well, need is a rather strong term.  I really wanted to get him a new one and he really wanted one. The “wants” converged. Apparently, so did everyone else.

Every place we went to go buy an Xbox, we were told they were all out of inventory. And, there were no expectations for new inventory to arrive anytime soon. Blame it on the pandemic, I suppose.

With so many quarantines and sheltering in place guidelines, many people were left at home with toilet paper, zoom meetings and Netflix A need to keep the mind active, however, got people to try new things. I would be willing to bet, playing these video games was one such new daily repertoire for many. People not only hoarded toilet paper but they also went game aficionados. Probably many also bought these game consoles to keep the kids preoccupied while the adults kept on working remotely. Then there is probably a general shortage of supplies if the materials or consoles come from abroad. Which is bound to be true.

I suppose now I will have to look for some other form of entertainment for my son besides skateboarding. Storytelling. Acting. Coding. Reading. It’s all up for grabs.

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  1. Dancing Singing What
    Humans Create Before
    THeir Life Is Created
    By So Many Others…
    of 412
    Faces Dance
    Vocal Chords
    of Story Taling
    Music More Singing to Feel
    And Sense Lighting Coloring Life For Free
    And Yes Scary Stories NoW into the Night
    Where Morning Break Is Hope FoR A New
    Dance And Song Story to Breathe Oh my God Loving Life We Create
    SMiLes.. The Theme Song For this Is Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’
    As It’s True Halloween
    Comes 42 Months
    Ago and
    This Nightmare
    Or Other Dream
    Is Just Starting Again
    We Write The Stories of
    Our Lives We Create or
    Do Not Make This God of Love
    Or OTG The Current Halloween
    ‘TRumPKiNG’ STiLL Ruling Now…

    to be

    Where this Doesn’t
    Continue to Flood Your Blog Haha
    3 Second Rule Applies too Modern
    Science Now Empirically Measured
    ‘Gold Fish Size Human Attention
    Span’ Now for Blogs of Vocal
    Traditions too..;)

    Never gonna
    Just Never Gonna Fit
    in ‘This World’ Eternally Now…. i fly (Dance/Sing..:)


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