Not a satisficer: But, I got tired

Many moons ago, I came across the word “satisficer”. I love words and collecting them. I throw them into my memory bank and I pepper those words in certain conversation salads just to play around. Mind you, this is not the same as using fancy GRE or $10 words to sound smart. It is extremely annoying when certain people do that.  Insecurity comes in many forms and manifestations. But I will let that go. Too much weirdness in the world right now to start focusing on the concept of insecurity.  Let’s just say it’s running rampant.

Back to satisficing. It’s a fancy word with a simple meaning. When you satisfice you are doing the bare minimum, per se, to meet the requirements for a situation. You are just trying to satisfy what is needed and nothing more. While I like and have “collected” that word, I also dislike it. I dislike what it represents. I have never been a satisficer. Don’t want to be one. I try everything in my power to excel.

However, there are times when satisficing is all that one can do. The other day, I felt so tired that I couldn’t do any more than what was the minimum needed. I couldn’t go the extra bit. I couldn’t go 212 degrees.

“At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils. And with boiling water, comes steam. And with steam, you can power a train. ”

That day, I couldn’t power a train. And, that was ok. All that was needed was a mini bus. If that makes any sense

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  1. Thanks for a lovely word and a helpful concept. I looked it up on Wikipedia – for the history – and found that it is something I do all the time.

    As a person with a chronic illness, aiming for excellence is something I do ONLY in my fiction. I don’t have the energy to do it in my life in general.

    I have had to give up so many things – and I don’t care. I only care that I get through each day, and that the minimum requirements are met, because that almost takes more energy than I have.

    And I need to save as much as I can to write.

    Because one of the things I’m doing is writing a main character (of three) who has to make the same decisions every day of her life. And that’s my legacy, somehow putting into words that someone else might live, what I have been given as my lot in life. Because chronic illness will affect an awful lot of us – and we can’t wish it away.

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  2. Tabs All ACross This iMac 27.1 Inch 5K Big Screen
    Targeted At Points ALL AROUND A GLOBE Not Here
    to Just Like Life.. Here to Do Life…TRuE No ‘Satisficer’ too..
    GenerAlly SPeaKinG.. Light Bulbs Disconnected From ‘The Power
    Grid’ Color Life More Without Ever Reaching A Boiling Point BuT ALWaYS
    Dancing A Tight RoPe aT Ease as Far as i Can and Will NoW HiSToRY
    See Impossible to Stay Attached to
    ‘The Power Grid’
    And Continue Now
    To Create More Colors
    Out of ‘Dark Web Life’
    of Stale and Boring;
    Yuck Predictable
    to me
    Eights Gives
    me Greater ‘Novel Satisfaction’
    AMaZinG A Life Without Green
    Follows, Shares, and Only Likes;
    Someone Liked 10 of my 30,000 Word
    Blog Posts in 10 Seconds today; it Gives me Grave
    Concern over Repetitive Motion Finger Movements And Permanent
    Ergonomic Injuries.. What In the World Are They Really Trying to Achieve
    Just Spoon-Fed Now By The Power Grid Pushing Buttons as Tools Where Colors go…
    It’s Like The Opposite of Fair Ground
    Rides.. ‘They’ Won’t Let You Ride if You
    Don’t Meet the Height Requirement Then
    If You Exceed
    Let You Ride..
    The Secret is Not Much
    Different Than A ‘Trump’s
    Cuckoo’s Nest’ You Just Fly
    WRiTE OVeR THeiR Heads
    ENJoYinG What Wings Love To Do More..
    Seriously Who Needs Affirmation When Flying..:)


  3. What a funny definition – it reminds me of writing a paper for school and doing the bare minimum to get a passing grade….but without any transitions, inflections, or interest, so it reads very, very boring. 🙂


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