Waiting for the other shoe to drop

This past week while walking the city streets of New York, I came across a large gathering while the helicopters buzzed above. They circled and circled making me a bit nervous. Was there a new protest? Was there a fatal incident? What was happening?

Turns out that a building had completely collapsed. Seemingly randomly. People were gathered watching and wondering what was occuring. In New York we have gone through the fire. Pandemic epicenter. Protests. Riots. Curfew. We stood watching the collapsed building what else were we to go through. It was quite evident to me that within the mass gathering, were very traumatized people waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Don’t get me wrong. New Yorkers gather around a scene at a drop of a hat. To us, the city streets, are a form of television. We stop and watch and opine. Then we quickly walk around with coffee in hand while starting a business call. Well. Not everyone does the latter. However, I most certainly do. Now, while we are “watchers”, that day we were standing holding our collective breath. We are tired. We want our summertime. We want some normalcy. At this point, so does everyone around the world. Here’s hoping that we can reach that state of being.

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    • So true. We may not ever have the old normalcy and for many amongst our 7.7billion people, that normalcy was not so great anyway.

      What is it – 40 years since HIV was discovered and we still have no vaccine.

      I read that an interesting comparison with the 1918 Spanish Flu, where there was also no vaccine, but they worked out that masks, hand washing and isolation was all the defence available- world population was 1.2 billion, nowhere near as much travel … and between 17 million and an estimated 190 million people died. Most popular estimate was about 50 million. And the pandemic lasted 2.5 years.

      Best to not expect Covid to be done with soon.


      • In the 1918 flu great masses of people disbelieved the scientists – and huge numbers died.

        During the Black Death, the ignorants had decided to kill witches familiars along with the witches (cats) – the only thing that was keeping the rodent population (which carried the plague) in check.

        We haven’t come a lot further, probably because each baby born starts off as a blank slate.


  1. Hi Mimi.
    Glad you liked the Les Murray post over at
    This post of yours very much captures the gestalt. In Sydney we are nurturing the fear that we will go the way of our Melbourne cousins suffering a much bigger Covid second wave.
    It has a parallel with the disastrous news from the US – explosive impact on aged care with vastly underpaid workers coming to work sick Because the cannot afford to stay at home.
    Fortunately we do not have idiots who refuse to wear masks, insisting it’s their constitutional right to die and infect their families and the rest of their communities.
    This is because, while we have our fair share of idiots, Australia does not have a constitution. 😊


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