So many closed and opened doors

Doors are powerful entities. They can either let us in through or can serve as a barrier stopping movement. If you don’t have a key, it can permanently stop your movement. Sometimes, you fumble to find to right key. Sometimes, you specially mark your keys so you know right away which door is opened by which key.

Then there are the doors from which you have to choose. Which is the right door to get to point A?

Some doors are not locked. Some are slightly ajar requiring a light touch to get on through. Others are wide open immediately inviting you in.

Right now, the doors everywhere. Its like the Matrix. Will you to take the blue or the red pill?

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  1. Closed doors can be diverting us to a more attractively coloured door that has the potential to make us happier than the rusty closed door. It is the way of life to warn us if something is not right for us – but we can only realize that the new door is much better from a healthy distance, in time as our mind can be clouded by our biased perspective. As Steve Jobs said, we can only connect the dots looking backwards.


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