Covid travel: All alone in an Amtrak car missing NYC

I went on a quick “vacation” to unwind and leave the pandemic epicenter for a few days.  Being in it day in and day out has been tough, taxing, and tumultuous. I didn’t go far. I didn’t need to. It was just about going away. I ended up in Boston. For a die-hard New Yorker going to Boston for a vacation is a bit odd. However, we live in odd times.

In New York, I am accustomed to wearing a mask everywhere. And, we just started outdoor dining. There are rules. We still worry although our rates are steady. Very steady and low. The rest of the country seems to be on an upsurge which is scary considering that summertime has come. While in Boston, there was a completely different vibe to the covid times. And, I was a bit frightened at times. The restaurants, for the most part, were packed with people on top of one another. There were two that we came across that had plexiglass barriers in between the tables. Loved that! Yet, I had unease while there.

I missed my New York City. I missed the intensity. The seriousness. Is that odd?  Psychologically, there’s a lot to unpack here. However, I won’t do a deep dive. Yet, I will note the intensity with which we lived in NYC becomes part of our cire and DNA. Even if we don’t know it consciously.  It doesn’t mean I wasn’t able to relax while on vacation. However, I remained hyper vigilant remembering everything that we had to do in NYC the last few months in order to survive.

On my return to NYC, I took the Amtrak train. And, surprisingly I was the only passenger in my particular car. I talked to one if the crew about this wondering what was occurring. He just stated matree if factly that people are still scared. I didn’t see fear this weekend, however. The national psyche appears frayed and unsure of what to feel and do. And, that is alright.

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  1. ‘The Elephant Man’
    ‘The Other Woman
    Burned Beyond Recognition’
    Even in Pensacola Florida
    Mecca For Trump
    Town USA
    Are Finally
    Coming to See
    What It Means
    Not to Be Seen
    A Prayer that
    Faces Don’t
    Disappear for
    At Least Another 100 Years..
    Masks Paving A Way to Look Within Deeper..:)


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