For the past two weeks or so, people have been randomly setting off firecrackers in their neighborhoods. Sometimes the firecrackers go off for hours on end. When I lived in Los Angeles, people put on full fireworks display that could rival the Macy’s fireworks show. I was stunned and amazed. Or better yet, I was in shock and awe. It seemed like the CNN coverage of the first Iraq War. I have never seen anything like what I experienced in Los Angeles.

Back now in New York, I recall the small fireworks celebrations that occurred block by block. However, this beginning celebration seems a bit different. They seem to be a precursor to a larger cathartic, primal event. The fourth of July is going to undoubtedly huge this year. How can it not? Freedom tastes even sweeter this year. Fireworks will represent a variety of emotions and dreams to people. Surviving. Trying to get things ramped up again. Trying to thrive.

The fireworks display will be bittersweet. But I am mightily looking forward to seeing them. I don’t care if my neighbors decide to just light the firecrackers till the crack of dawn.

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  1. I had not thought about the fireworks being spectacular this year – I hope that kind of optimism is in place. When we lived in San Jose, 70-91, we would go to a restaurant on Mt. Hamilton with a hillside view of the entire county. We could see fireworks at Great America Amusement Park, the City Fireworks of San Jose and surrounding cities, and stray family events all over an area of several square miles. We often went to the San Francisco Fireworks too on Marina Green – we love them still – and our community does a fine job for a small city. That brought a lot of memories back for me, just married, still crazy, and suddenly we have been at it for 40 years. Still crazy though. WDE


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