And like the moon we must go through phases of emptiness

Before the pandemic I would often take photographs of the sunrise and sunset. Photos of the moon bring great delight. Last night I looked outside my window and caught a most beautiful, vibrant moon. I stood in awe comforted by the fact that the sun still rises as does the moon.

As I looked out at the night sky, I scrolled through some of my past photographs of the sky. The moon, in particular, is interesting to photograph day in and day out. The moon’s phases take you through a journey. A number of journeys. In thinking through this, I was reminded of a frequently noted saying that like the moon, we ourselves must go through phases of emptiness to feel full again.

Such a sentiment perfectly encapsulates this period in time. We are going through a collective yet highly individualized journey of self-awareness, emptiness and hunger for connectedness. Many didn’t even realize how much they needed those connections, perhaps mightily taking it for granted. Others, may even take on the isolation with some zest eager to then become full again.

Next time you get a chance, catch the moon and feel its power.

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  1. I hope those who go through the pandemic will come out at the other end with some compassion for those of us who live like this, tiny isolated lives with little energy and limited connections, all the time. And not go dancing forward without a backward glance at those who cannot leave this state.

    I hope there will be appreciation (ie, money) for the jobs that were so despised before, not just the doctors in the hospitals, but the sanitation workers, waiters, and people barely making ends meet at the best of times.

    That there won’t be so much compassion fatigue that we will be forgotten again, in the race to ‘normal.’

    It would be nice, too, if there were more medical research and possibly some help for those who have trouble recovering.

    One can hope – and the same time one hopes for full recovery for as many possible.


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