The hunger to go outside

Having a birthday during a pandemic is an interesting, to say the least, experience. I can’t even remember what my age is as of this weekend. However, I will remember wearing a face mask for it. I will remember my smile having to come through my eyes. Tyra Banks, in America’s Next Top Model, used to call that smizing. Good thing I learned that lesson.

I will also remember my deep-seated hunger to be outside. I wanted to be out in the sun. I wanted to walk on and on. Thus, we went out hiking on a gorgeous trail outside New York City. What surprised me was that there were hundreds and hundreds of others out there. Everyone else was also hungry.

What surprised me even more was that there were about a third of people not wearing masks. As a healthcare worker I was a bit out of sorts. This is not over. We are still seeing many sick people.

Despite that shock, I embraced the sun, the pebble paths, and the sounds of the cascading waters. Normalcy is what we all want. In due time. But for now, some sun will help the mind.

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  1. During ‘This New Challenge’ We Do Have much to be
    Thankful For Like ‘The Nerds’ Who Were Always
    Challenged by Social Activities Focusing their ‘Thinking
    Differently’ Hours on Building Online And Doing Science Instead…
    True this Link
    Built for
    us by so
    Many Who Failed
    at the Human Connection
    First Made a Revenge of
    the Nerds bringing
    Their way of
    the World
    Online to Create Us
    More as Systemizing
    Humans As Neuroplasticity
    Mixed with Negative Epigenetics
    In Change or no Change to Environmental
    Challenges as they come Do DNA Unpack or Not and
    Manifest as More Human ‘Terminator Age Machines’ True but the
    Side-Effect of all of That Now is Humanity on Life-Support of Technology
    With a Virus
    That Otherwise
    Wipes Out Untold
    Numbers of Human Beings…
    Sadly Though We Are Not Smart
    Enough to Follow The Systemizing
    Health Science Rules as Now With
    Every Increasing Failure of Social Distancing
    Becoming Relaxed as the Future Looks More like
    Deaths.. 3000 A Day..
    by June 1st than now..
    Live And Let Die… Really Not a Fully Human Thing
    to Do.. As Usual Ignorance Most to ‘Blame’ for Human SNAFUS

    Thank God For ‘Nerds’…
    Without Them We Will All
    Be More Like Burnt Toast….
    In This Environment Now at least…..

    ‘Fauci’ And The Others.. Yes.. You too.. Real Super Heroes Now…


  2. Happy b-day to a fellow Taurean . . . hope you had a lovely day. (Yes, I find it astounding that only maybe 3 in 10 folks wear masks – so it seems when I’m out there. And never mind social distancing; some have obviously never heard of it.)


  3. Happy belated birthday. I too subscribe to your prescription and have the opportunity to safely and privately partake of the remedy provided by the sunlight.


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