A faded mirror and no long goodbye

It left me saddened and confused

There was no comfort

Everything felt rotten inside


It wasn’t a dance

It was a rollercoaster

A rickety windmill

Am empty storefront

No here today

No long goodbye

A faded mirror

And broken heels

No comfort

Just sadness

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  1. ‘You’ Give So Much
    ‘They’ Take Like You
    Never Gave At All Finally You Give To Yourself Become Complete
    And Give even
    More as
    Take No
    Longer Exists…
    This… is Where
    Miracles Come
    From Lonely
    Solo Band
    Play Allone…
    SPiRiT Rises…
    Soul Reward Breathes…
    No Take or They…
    Just Us…
    Give Who
    We aRe WHoLE..:)


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