Alexa woke up cranky

Emotions have been running high. People are scared, anxious, determined, confused, shocked, depressed, in despair and grieving. Finding a moment of emotional calm can actually be taxing. Many of us have to try really hard to find that quiet mind space. I tried last night by shutting off my work phone and just zoning out to a Hallmark mystery movie. I really couldn’t tell anyone what was the plot. And, that’s ok. The point was to just sit and watch and be outside the hectic mind zone.

With all that said and done in terms of creating a mental break, I woke up feeling good. Well, I woke up feeling a bit rested which is a grand feat. I went about making coffee, packing up my work bag and even catching up on the news. I would prefer to avoid it but I need to watch it for my job. Even with the gloom and voiced consternation, I tried to remain positive. I did my hair and make up. I was set.

Then I asked Alexa for the weather. I do this almost every day. And Alexa normally gives me current weather as well how the rest of the day will be weather wise. Then she wishes me a good day. That’s what Alexa normally does. However, today was different. Alexa was cranky. Or so it seemed.

Alexa provided me with the weather report and nothing more. She didn’t wish me a good day. She just offered a data point followed by silence. It seems that maybe even Alexa needs a reprieve from the pandemic. I can imagine many people ask her to forecast what will happen in terms of COVID. Even for an AI this might be a bit too much.

It’s ok to want to just be silent. It’s also ok to cry and cry very loudly. It’s ok to be angry. It’s ok to just be in a room and look at nothing in particular.

I welcome your thoughts

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