Still putting on makeup

Growing up I never liked makeup. I didn’t put makeup on my dolls. Well, I did on a giant doll named delilah. And that was more scary than anything else. Other than that, I just didn’t care to doll myself up. Slowly that changed. The last five years, I’ve gone all in on the makeup front. This past year, I actually figured out what Ulta sells.

Then coronovirus happened. I’m running around like a headless chicken. I’m on videoconference after videoconference. It’s not easy trying to be 10 steps ahead of the pandemic. There’s actually almost no way to do so. It’s all so unpredictable. Life is not normal.

As a result. I’ve been making sure to put makeup on each day. I also blow out my hair daily. I need one normal thing in my life. Although, that routine was never routine for me. However, that makeup and hair ritual is so key right now. It is amazing how daily scripts are flipped and how rituals become even more important.

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  1. Absolutely. The videoconferences were normal for me because I am miles away from most of my customers and I deliver training online. but the make-up and dressing for the office are constants. I enjoy the ritual, but I also think it says something about showing up, and customers or colleagues seeing that you make the same effort for them, wherever you happen to be based right now.


  2. So very true. I find it helps my mental state as well as my professional productivity to get up around the same time every morning and to do my hair and makeup. Like you, I am on numerous video teleconference meetings throughout the day so in addition to keeping me sane and on a ritual, it also helps not looking like a hag that just got dragged backward through a bush. Lol! Stay well.


  3. This new ritual of yours is probably a new way of self care for you which you have taken on in perhaps in response to some subconscious need. Coincidentally at this time it also helps you convey a greater confidence to those who see you in your professional capacity, especially those that didn’t know how much you know before this i.e. those that are meeting you for the first time amidst all this chaos. If only that had known you through your blog as I do!


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