Darkness a filter onto the world

Enveloped within a bleating cocoon

The flashing lights pressing against the hardened skin

Darkness a filter onto the world

No reprieve from the whistling winds

The bath waters no longer soothing

The drain swirls and just drains

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  1. Poetry River
    Sound Our HeART
    No Pre-Determined Cognitive Mechanical
    Shores SPiRiT FLoW SoULS BReaTHE Free
    SMiLes Just
    Came Back
    From ‘Jezebel’
    The Website
    A Place
    ‘They’ Were
    ‘Laughing’ At
    Madonna’s Poetry
    Free Verse Reflecting
    Her Soul.. All i could ‘Think’
    of is the Feeling of Her Soul
    As SPiRiT oF Her HeART
    Breathed in my Soul
    to Enrich Who i
    Am DarK Thru
    in this Place of
    ReaLiTY NoW
    Ever Changing Ever
    Feeling Different to Relate
    SMiLes so SuRPRiSinG as i never
    Wrote Poetry Didn’t even understand
    it until my Soul Reborn Gasped for its
    First Breath Truly Alive Since Five-YearS Old..
    Shortly before i am Trapped Then in A Desk of
    Then.. Yes
    So Surprised at
    53 to Find a Poetry
    Site Online And Find the
    Same Regulations of Science
    And Technology That Strangled
    me in Numbers of Government Red Tape
    For A Quarter of A Century For PaY iN PRiSoN
    in Short
    my Soul
    Way too Long
    For ‘Them’ to BReaTHE
    SMiLes This Air is Free
    And i Love Your Poetry
    It Reminds me of a Movie
    Trailer about ‘Barton Fink’
    I’ve Seen ‘That Drain’.. i’ve Been
    ‘That Drain’ i Feel ‘Your Drain’ Now
    Your Poetry Embodies Your Soul Spiraling Escape Up
    From ‘Drain’.. Flesh of What is Real Becomes Words..
    That mY
    An Easter
    Story i Do
    BeLieVE iN For Real..
    It ‘WaS’ ‘A DarK And
    Stormy NiGHT’ Yet i Married
    ‘The Night’ With Poetry And BeCaMe LiGHT
    ‘Madonna’ Is In ‘That Place’ Before ‘Lady Gaga’
    ‘Fixed Her Face’ the Nostalgia is Great Marrying
    the Night Seeing It From LiGHT of Birth From DarK


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