I truly believed my tooth was coming out through my nose

A while ago I pondered what was worse: a dentist visit, ob-gyn visit, or an MRI. Many opined noting that they considered the dentist was worse. Way worse. I can under I mean no disrespect to dentists. I know many and most are very nice people. Just like with any group. My main issue is that the mouth is a tiny “arena” and mine is pretty small. It is completely disconcerting to have a dentist, a dental hygienist, and a million instruments inside one’s mouth. I get a bit claustrophobic. However, I think a majority of people feel a twinge of claustrophobia at the dentist.

Besides the claustrophobia I hate the sound of that drill. Ouch. Yet, what I hate the most is the numbness. I do not care for that sensation. Of course, I know that being numb is a good thing. I most certainly do not wish to feel that pain. It’s bad enough when the numbness wears off.

Hating that numb feeling may seem a bit odd. Here’s the thing. When I feel that numbness I feel like I am drowning in that chair. Further, at times it feels as if my tooth is coming out through my nose. Both scenarios could easily be part of an Akira Kurosawa or a Jim Jarmusch movie. While it would be cool to be part of such a movie, I really don’t care to experience such thoughts. They are incredibly jarring and intense.

For what it is worth, I prefer to be knocked out but no dentist has ever agreed to do that for me. They always say I am strong. Blah. Blah. Blah. They also note that laughing gas is usually more expensive than whatever actual tooth treatment takes place.  It is not fair at all that something called laughing gas should be so pricey. I need to look into whether my constant laughs and giggles can be packaged at a reasonable price point. It doesn’t hurt to be entrepreneurial when it comes to mitigating one’s fears. Make a dime and feel sublime. And, no more teeth coming out one’s nose.

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  1. An Hour With my Mouth Open Trying to swallow i surely will relate overcoming the fear of Dentistry and Every Doctor’s Visit A Huge
    Bucket list item now they all
    Feel Like Really Loving Family the Root Canal Dentist Jovially Cracking
    Jokes and Humming Strangely the Humming Part Reminded me of my Long Passed Grandmother the
    Kindness makes such a
    Difference in every
    Experience of Life
    To me there are a
    Million Doctors
    In the US most
    Of them over
    55 i have to
    Wonder now
    If we will get
    To the Point where
    No one will even have
    The Attention Span to
    Be a Dentist it’s
    Damn sure not
    A Twitter Job
    i can’t Do short
    Order Cook
    i mostly
    OMG how could
    Anyone do this
    Job Humming
    Merrily a Tune
    In Glee for that
    Hour i had
    A Real Human Hero
    Plus Insurance to
    Pay for it.. Hehe..:)


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