Too low to go on under

I do not drive. Have never really felt the need to despite living in 20 cities. While I was an oddity in Los Angeles, here in New York I’m perfectly normal. And, that is how I like it. I do like riding in cars. I love singing in cars. I love road trips, a lot. I’m eagerly waiting for James Corden to invite me to do carpool karaoke with him. He will drive (not exactly) while I sing a number of Britney Spears songs. I miss Britney. Her life seems to have hit several major speed bumps. We need her to break free from her father’s hold and make a comeback. She can bring a cobra or two along.

But back to driving. I don’t drive but I have noticed that we seem to have less than average overpass heights here in New York. There have been many times where I have flinched on a highway (freeway, etc) wondering whether a truck was about to hit the bridge overpass. My fear and flinching are not unfounded. Listen to this statistic. Since 2015, there have been 576 so-called “bridge strikes” across New York. I’m not paranoid, I’m perceptive.

I am left to wonder why there are so many bridge strikes in New York. Why are our overpasses so low? Well, many were constructed a long time ago. New York is an old state with old infrastructure. Also, one can construct some New York identity stories around this. It could be we are trying to keep people from over inflated egos. Or that we want to keep things at a low bar to keep people in check. Or that us New Yorkers, like to keep people on their toes. I’m trying here.

Regardless of why, one does have to be vigilant. One could argue that one always has to be vigilant regardless of overpass heights. That is probably the other take home message. Your car may be alright to pass through but what about the others and are those drivers being just as vigilant? One cannot assume so. Otherwise we wouldn’t have such a high count of overpass accidents.

More than ever we need to stay attuned to the world around us. And, if need be honk a horn to save another.