I’m just going to roll with the rooftop fun

I’m of the mindset that there should be more rooftop fun. I know that sounds like a very weird declarative statement. Who, after all, goes around saying more fun needs to be had on a roof. I think many New Yorkers would agree. And, I don’t just mean having fun on the rooftop of a big highrise. That’s cool for sure. In Los Angeles I lived in a building that had a very fun rooftop with pool, dog run, grills and sunning lounges. Although, admittedly, it was a bit scary considering all the earthquakes that take place in Los Angeles. Which is why highrises are a relatively new phenomenon in Los Angeles. However, considering there are 10 million people in LA county and space is tight, there was nowhere but up to go. With all that said rooftop parties in LA were a blast.

Small buildings can also get in on tbe rooftop action. I’ve always been a big proponent of workplaces having good roof space for outdoor lunch dining and 15 minute breaks. Of course, whenever I mention this at any workplace people look at me as if I were insane. More often than not, the roof is not very well constructed and presents a liability. So sad.

While on a walk I passed by this seemingly fun place that had a carefree attitude. The roof told us all that. Although, the business name noted it was mellow but I was willing to bet they had a few good times.

I understand this seems like an odd, butty bit to write about. However, one has to just have random, weird thoughts at times and be ok with that. Today, I obsessed about rooftops. Tomorrow, perhaps it’ll be candy canes. I’m just going to roll with it.

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