Thanks for the bag of fertilizer

I love giving gifts. Rather, I love buying or creating gifts that are personalized. Sometimes I come across perfect items for set individuals that I buy them with no holiday or particular celebration in mind. The other day I felt a big lift from my shoulder when I randomly (out of the blue) gifted two different individuals with small gifts. I just felt a compulsion in that moment. I handed them out and then I skipped along.

I love skipping. It is a strange thing I do. Or rather, some people find it strange. I think it’s completely normal and good for one’s brain and heart. I think more people should skip around. While I skipped along that day, I also wanted to sing. I restrained myself. Barely. I don’t have a fabulous singing voice but I do love karaoke. I think more people should do karaoke. I feel like medical providers should prescribe singing, skipping or silliness to aid in overall wellness. I’m sure that itself may seem silly to people. However, I believe in the power of fun and lightness.

While in my fun mood after skipping and gifting others, I was given a package. I was somewhat skeptical about opening it. That is a story, however, for another day. I opened that package and in it was a bag of fertilizer. Interesting. I wondered what I was to make of that. Fertilizer is symbolic of many things. I could take it completely wrong. Or, I could take it to be a bag representing growth, opportunity, and brightness. I convinced myself that the bag was meant to grow sunflowers and that I was meant to continue orienting myself towards the sun. Positivity. Although, by the time I got home I took it to mean something else. Fertilizer is just a fancy name for some unmentionables.

By the time the next morning came and I caught the beautiful sunrise, I was whole and good again. It’s all a cycle during which you set your compass point.

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  1. It’s Literally and Honestly True as i’ve Probably Mentioned
    it Before i Literally Have a Prescription for Moving Meditation
    Wherever i go.. Yes… Public Dance From my Doctor and ‘they’
    Don’t Give those Prescriptions Out as Jokes
    as this Doctor has done the Modern Research
    And Understands it is a viable
    Therapy for Regulating
    Emotions and
    Integrating Senses
    As of Course Singing and
    Music Does too as Our Voices
    Express Emotions and the Strings
    of Guitars are Just Extensions of our
    Vocal Chords… As not only Strings but
    Our HeART Beats as the Percussion of
    Each Beat on a Piano Key.. How Gifted
    i was that My Mother Provided Piano
    Lessons at age 12 for it is True any
    Child on the Autism Spectrum
    Will Make Great Use if
    they so care to do
    by Learning an
    Instrument even
    Just a Voice to Sing
    And Feet And Hands to
    Dance and Yes express the
    Music of HeART Through Words
    that come as Symbols of our Soul
    As We See and Hear and Regulate
    the Music of Our Spirit as Colors comes to Write
    on Page In Eternal Flow of Peace and Harmony
    As We truly Breathe Light so far away from Dark
    NoW Honestly the Source of Most Disease is DisEase
    the SPiRiT
    The SoUL
    the Root
    of Most
    All Our
    Human Discontent…
    i am Just a Canary in a Coal
    Mine a Weak Link Who somehow found
    my Way out of A Cave to Truly Breathe Free Again..
    ‘Challenging Alexithymia’ Where Words do Not Express
    Emotions.. Smiles Author PM from New York i’ve traveled
    a long way from a place Where ‘Happy’ and ‘Joy’ were Just Shells..
    Words.. Meaningless to me.. Lost in Years of unending Stress where
    i could not even find words to describe how ‘this Piece of Music’ i composed
    on the Piano recorded on a Cheap Dictation Device and Later transferred to YouTube
    made me Feel in the Depths of my Despair in 2007.. but You See each note was a Beat
    of my Heart there is
    so much
    to our
    than only
    Words alone…
    All The Arts that express our HeART
    Fertilizing the Spirit of our Soul to Evolve to Breathe free..
    It’s Interesting It’s a raw Piece of what i did Mistakes and all
    along the way of my Soul Attempting to set itself free through
    the Notes on the Piano to breathe.. but honestly the Darkness
    Was worth it as for the 47 Years before that i could not create
    anything on the Piano other than Playing the Sheet Music
    in front of me..
    i do believe
    it’s worth
    to ‘Hell’
    A BLackest
    Abyss Just
    Nothing at All
    Then Now For
    the Gift to Create
    as Light does come From Dark
    As Above So Below Within Inside
    Outside All Around Just PArT oF A STory now Complete..:)


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