My netflix queue seems like I’m getting a murder tutorial

I have never shared my Netflix account with others. I don’t know how such a thing came to be so popular. I find my television viewing habits very personal. Although, I do widely share them here. I proudly note that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favorite television show. I once shared that at a team retreat and people thought I said that to just be difficult. Sure. I truly hate team retreats. In my view, that’s a dirty phrase that should never be uttered in the workplace. I do not understand people who ask for retreats. I don’t do trust falls. I see no reason why I should trust colleagues with catching me when more often than not, colleagues are willing to throw someone under the bus. Plus, I’m a curmudgeon. Enough said on that.

Boy did I go left real fast. Back to Netflix.

I do not get the account sharing phenomenon. I don’t understand the protocols around that. It also wouldn’t end well for me. I forget passwords all the time. I would constantly have to share and re-share new passwords. That would be such a tedious endeavor. On top of which, they would then learn all of my password go-tos. No, I do not need such a hassle.

Here’s another thing. Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of shows revolving around murder. Documentaries galore. So much so, that to many it would appear that I was trying to learn best practices and what leads to epic fails. I do not know why it is, but I have been hungry for documentaries. I am not too sure what void they are filling in my life, but I certainly can sit one episode after another about death row inmates. Regardless of my internal motivation, I won’t be sharing my Netflix account anytime soon. If ever.

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  1. I guess Netflix targets teens, it’s hard to cancel accounts when you have 4 parasites to convince haha

    Smart decision not to share, i feel uncomfortable thinking that my friend is peaking in my watch habit. People are quick to judge sometimes (inasmuch as i hate issue). I mean, who cares if I’m watching morbid, cheesy, or classic. You won’t have to worry such pesky points if we opted out sharing feature.

    We share interest in documentary. Perhaps, we appreciate that docu are actually real entertainment – not scripted, not directed. The closest to docu are Reality shows which often surrounded by controversies which I guess part of publicity stint..

    Sorry I talk a lot 😉

    Enjoy watching! And hold your temper (and skillset 😁).


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