One should always have a camera ready in New York

Admittedly, in New York one can come across many odd things. I know that was a very generic, empty sentence. However, it is quite true. You can see big rats the size of a cat chasing a slice of pizza. You can see a guy carrying a three piece sofa onto the subway. There are also pink fire hydrants. I love those. Of course, there is also the ubiquitous sighting of a dog in designer jeans. Don’t ask. It’s New York.

Because of all the weird sightings, it is quite fun to walk the city streets of New York. One should always have a camera ready.

There are times, surprisingly, when the streets are serene. I love those New York moments as well. A random yellow bike with no back wheel waiting for its owner.

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  1. The picture seems to speak more than words. Beautiful picture, beautiful expression, ‘waiting for its owner’ is actually too sweet. I can relate it to a Kinder Garten child waiting anxiously to be picked up by the parents after a long day in the school and the lost tyre expresses the fear of a child if the parents will not turn up then what will happen. we all surely has experienced those moments of childhood.HAHAHAHAHAH.😅


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