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In my dream I was forced to run from behind

I can have very vivid dreams. I always have been able to do so. Even lucid dreaming, at times. I’ve often thought of writing a screenplay based on a few of my dreams. Others have successfully done so.

This past week I had a very vivid dream. However, it’s nothing to write a screenplay about. Yet, it stayed with me throughout the day.

In my dream, I was in Italy. Or so I believe. It was the end of the trip and I was desperately trying to pack so that we could head to the airport in a timely manner. Last time I was actually in Rome we nearly missed our flight even though we had arrived to the airport three hours ahead of the flight. The multiple screening layers were intense. Thus, I probably remembered that experience in my dream.

While desperately trying to pack, everyone else was actively derailing my packing attempt. They would either take things out that were already packed or they would pile on more things that needed packing. There was no rhyme or reason to the derailment. It was just layered barriers. As I kept packing I came to realize it was going to be impossible to make it to the airport on time. Not only was no one helping me but they were sabotaging my efforts. And, I was being forced to ostensibly run from behind.

I’m used to running from behind on real life. It was interesting for me to see myself doing that, even in my dream. It doesn’t take a genius to decipher my dream. Our dreams can often speak to our realities. The question becomes what will I do about it?

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  1. Ugh This Reminds of
    A Boss Telling me
    Good Employees
    Do 90 Percent of
    All the Work
    And His Boss
    The Captain of
    The Base Screaming
    At Everyone Because
    The Blinds were not
    Closed a Specific
    Way as well
    as Yelling at
    Me Accusing me
    Of Bringing in a
    Portable Heater
    While the Kind
    Souls From the
    Public Works
    Dept provided
    Mercy as the
    Captain Turned
    Off the Heat to
    The Building to
    Win an Energy
    Saving Award…
    Honestly This
    Is Common the
    Work World
    Is A HeLLuVA
    Zone Overall…
    Don’t Live
    There no
    Only Solution..:)


  2. I believe that would be a nightmare. I used to dream that I had to go pee and the only toilet was in the middle of a large room filled with people. Doubt it would make a good screenplay. Course I was dreaming of toilets because I actually had to go pee and didn’t want to wake up and go out into the cold!


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