She had always loved those pork chops

She crawled her way to the far off house. It was all bleary. Yet, she knew exactly where to head. She could smell it. The pork chops in gravy were driving her forward.

She crawled hoping for a whiff and a reprieve. Her mind was spinning rapidly while her body made its way slowly to her final destination. She had always loved those pork chops. Now she would no longer gave them. She finally made her way to the house and she propped herself up enabling her to look inside. Indeed they were all at the dinner table enjoying a home cooked meal. She took in the sights and smells and let herself slide down. She let the paper slide to the ground. The name gary was written on it.

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  1. At Least One Theory in Physics Suggests
    That Spin and Related Torsion Creates New
    UniVerses in Black Holes Which Means Indeed
    the Parent of All of Us May Be a Black Hole Yes
    Indeed from Another Black Hole UniVerse as the Beat
    Goes on So Still
    my BeaTinG
    HeART in a
    Black Hole Becoming
    Parent to Another UniVerse
    As the Song The Never Ending
    Shiva Dance of Nature Consuming Nature
    With Kali New Continues Beyond iNFiNiTY of
    Course if and When Physics and Mathematics
    Wraps its Scientific Method around that Poetry too…
    But Meanwhile one Theory in Physics Suggests That Spin
    And Related Torsion creates all of the Existence With Energy
    We Know of at least From Black Holes Birthing New UniVerses..
    Back to Pork Chops on the
    Family Farm Where
    the Pig Crawling
    Back to the
    Farm finds
    out the Terrifying
    News that the Gravy
    and Pork Chops indeed
    are the Remains of His Friend
    Gary as the Name Tag Falls off the Meal
    Served so Politely at the Farm it’s True We
    Serve Animals on Farms to Serve them to ourselves..
    And While the Farm Folks at the Southern Baptist Get
    Together Dinner on the Green Fields First Sunday of each Month
    i visit Make Fun of the Free Roaming Chickens Munching on the
    Remains of the Fried Chicken parts discarded by Children as they
    Play in the Fields Munching On the Chicken Legs.. True the Adults
    may Laugh
    at this
    Not Realizing
    that all of Nature
    Consumes Nature
    There is no Escaping
    That Even in A Black Hole
    Home the one they may LiVE iN NoW
    Anyway hehe.. people may wonder why i gracefully Spiral
    Spin A Ballet Looking Several Minute Warm-Up now before
    i Leg Press 1340 American Pounds 18 Reps Regularly at the Military
    Gym Now as i do it While Loading all 28-45 Pound Plates with some
    other Lesser ones as spare change too.. thing is it works i overcome
    the Attraction of Gravity so Much and Become the Repulsive Force of
    the Spin and the Torsion of every Subatomic Particle of me.. and voila
    Feels Like
    Me God Yes all
    240 Pounds When i
    Press It A Feather A New
    UniVerse Floating Free Yes
    in a BLacK Hole UniVerse Still to come..
    New Not unlike the Chicken Who Eats the
    Chicken on the Farm and Folks who make
    Fun of Nature consuming Nature.. as practically
    Everything in Existence Spirals/Torsions this way
    sadly they miss
    out they
    Still think
    All of Nature
    And Me deep
    Down are Nuts for
    Spin and Torsion Just to Spiral Exist Once again more
    Yes No Yes they don’t wanna see me really get Water Boiling
    ‘Still’ hehe.. as i just Might Create ANoTHeR UniVerse
    too with enough Spin and Torsion as my Black Hole
    Births another one True.. Other than that Love the
    Eclectic Nature of Your Writing that allows the
    Reader to Create Multiple NeW UniVerses as Waves
    Tide In and Out Up and Down Calm and Ferocious
    All Around Even More Now Yes
    Within the UniVerse of Your
    Parent Story too..
    As Above So
    Below Within
    Inside Outside
    All Around Never Limit
    The Patterns one Sees to
    Just one part of Existence
    As ALL in ALL may indeed
    Both Consume And Apply To ALL in ALL too
    True we Already Have an Einstein of Space..
    Time.. Matter.. and Distance and Matter too..
    i wanna
    See More
    Out of this
    And See so Many
    More Adventures
    of BLacKHoles CoMe to ADvenTurE More! aS UniVerses More!
    Other than That As expected Thank You Very Much for This Animal Farm Story!
    With This i Bring ‘the Science Link’ As ‘Sheep’ And ‘Animal Farm’ And ‘Pink Floyd’ FitS in too..;)


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