Indeed karma never loses an address no matter how far you go

Even before I knew that the word karma existed or what it meant, I believed in karma. That word has always been a part of my DNA. Fairness is a core part of my being and, in my view, it is intertwined with karma. I have been of the belief that if you are consistently fair you are putting out into the universe “good will” that will boomerang back onto you.

By believing in karma I also keep myself in check. What you put out onto others is what you wish onto yourself. Or at least that is how most people, of not all, should approach the majority of situations. That is why I like this quote that karma never loses an address for both the good and the bad that has been wrought. Even in your dreams, karma will bubble up to the top. It is best to keep hate out of one’s heart and actions. It never hurts to live by that rule.