It all seemed like her life was in rewind

I’LL you a secret. All the best people are mad. Mad like the hatter. He’s actually quite tame. Yes, that’s what she would tell herself on an icy, cold winter morning.

She needed a hot cup of tea mixed with cocoa. It was her special concoction. Well, her truly special mix contained another ingredient but it was too early for it. Although she could most assuredly use it.

She hadn’t slept well at all. She kept pacing wondering if she had lived this all before. It all seemed like her life was in rewind. She had been through this before. She was sure of it. She searched high and low for the key. She didn’t know which one but she knew there had to be one.

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  1. Ugh.. Being Left Out in the Cold erased from Truth in Light
    Particularly when there is no Key to get BacK in..
    Sort of Like all the Clothes of Culture Layer upon
    Layer that simply
    take away the
    Dance the Song the
    Eyes the “Nude Verse”
    as Metaphor for Free Eyes
    to See Not Covered by so
    Many Clothes of Culture
    Spoon-Fed From
    Birth Quiet
    Fear Instilled
    in Church, School,
    And Work Sit Still
    in a Cubicle so far
    Even from a Window
    And Sunshine of the
    Day Traveling through
    Darkness never
    really even
    the FLoWeR
    of the Day now
    that Sunshine for Real
    Rains upon all of us when Free…
    That’s The Poem But the Science says
    that Sunshine is vital to Happiness unpacking
    DNA for 500 Epigenetic Human Potentials of
    not only Surviving but Thriving that other
    wise may not come without some
    thing as Elemental
    as Sunshine
    That Brings
    Life to All We
    Feel and Sense
    For All We Are As
    Star Dust Resurrecting from
    Crucible Fire of Star Death Burst and
    Stellar Gas that does Classically and
    Eventually in Evolution Become us but again
    As i mix Art with Science as both really at best
    Dance Sing Yin and Yang together for Balance.. Epigenetic
    Advantage as Far as Literal Evolution or Devolution goes
    so much Farther than this as the ‘Severely Domesticated’
    Sedentary key stroking Human has the thinnest bones now
    Recorded in Human History for Science also Shows We are
    actually literally born still with the Potential for the Strength of
    an Orangutan for it is True 12,000 Years is just a drop of Spit
    in the Gene Pool in Classical Evolution since Humans became
    Sitters more than Rovers waiting for Crops to Grow as Grains became
    Hoarded and next thing ya know we Have Trump Towers and 16,000 plus
    Lies and all kinds of other Hell to Be Paid and Shared too.. While Humans may
    not realize it Domesticated overall is not all it is advertised to be.. Jack London’s
    ‘Call of
    the Wild’
    Said it all
    to me didn’t
    ‘know’ why i
    cried then as a child
    when i read that book
    but it was it is still deep within And Now IT Lives…
    i am no longer Just Tame.. ‘White Fang’ LiVeS AGAiN…
    And Oh yes every bit as strong close to 60 as an Orangutan with a Yin of Free Style
    Ballet… Best of Both Worlds A Gorilla with a Tutu Haha.. an Orangutan with original style..;)


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