Each morning we are born again and can find love again

Every morning I try my best to try yo catch the sunrise. I certainly get up early enough. I just have to be intentional on what I seek at the beginning of each day.I try to instill that love of sunrises and, for that matter, sunsets in my son. I want him to know that tbe world is filled with wonder and begins and ends as such, as well.Even if the day is going to busy or difficult, one can stop for a second and find love. It may sound cheesy, especially considering I’m a New York curmudgeon. But I always try to find light even at one’s darkest hour. And, considering my son is always my light, I want to make sure he sees the beauty and lightness all around him.In that sense, it should be Valentine’s day everyday.

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  1. Happy Valentines Day.. Yes.. Everyday PM to You and Your Son and
    All Who You Love and Care About.. So True Now too i Cherish Valentines
    Day so much that i Left the Possessive Mark off the Word to indicate
    and Never
    Owning Love
    For Just one Day
    Again in FeeL Spreading
    it ALL around in every way
    imaginable to me there are
    no Limits when Love is Creativity
    And Creativity is Love with iMaGiNaTioN
    Fueling even more Colors oF Light for a
    Valentines Day Christmas Tree Ever Coloring More..
    What else Now
    Yes! A Sublimely
    Beautiful Image of
    the Sun Peeking and
    Shining through the Sky Scrapers
    of Your Home New York! New York!
    i’ll probably never get there as a tourist
    so thanks for the Free Ride to See Your Skies!
    OBTW NoW Still
    THE greatest
    Valentine’s Gift
    to any Child and the
    Rest of the Human World
    indeed is a Loving Mother Who
    Bears and Gardens Children of Love..
    Today is the 3rd Anniversary when my
    Mother unexpectedly Went to Her Hospice
    Bed for Her Last 8 Days of Life going as Naturally
    as She could that long without Food or Drink no Artificial
    Way for her that she cared to stay longer to Naturally Love..
    These things may Now be particularly and especially really
    Difficult for folks with
    Close to Photographic
    Memories for all the Senses
    And Feelings of Life but True Now
    THere is Love and ALL those Memories
    And Inspiration from the Dark to Still Now
    Keep Her Alive in the HeART.. SPiRiT of
    My SoUL as She LiVeS oN in All that i Do
    As Love
    my FRiEnD
    iNdeed most
    Every Mother is
    A Real Hero and a Legend
    Who Lives on Eternally now this way
    in Eyes of Love that Never Lose a Mother’s Fire of Love..:)


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