Oh wacky day: It’s raining iguanas and furries make an arrest

The year has been off to a raucous start. Name it and it seems to have already happened. Well, except for the apocalypse. However, many would say that the signs are pointing to such an event. As it is currently heavily raining in New York, I started thinking of all the wacky bits of new the last few weeks.

First off, Florida issued warnings last week to watch out for wind chills, freezing temperatures, and falling iguanas. They are bigger than locusts. Must be a big sign for us all. What it points towards, is anyone’s guess.

Then you have the zoo in Texas that is getting ready for Valentine’s day. The zoo will name a cockroach after your ex and then feed it to a meerkat live on camera. What sweet revenge for some people. At least meerkats are cute, fuzzy, and furry.

Speaking of being furry, a group of people dressed in furry animal costumes helped police do a citizen’s arrest of a man suspected of domestic violence. Good for them to be on the lookout and to step in to help out. It must have been a hoot to have been arrested by someone in such a costume. Makes for a good jail story. Or perhaps not.

Lastly, have you ever seen the landshark Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit? For some reason, I find it hilarious. It’s about a killer landshark knocking on doors. It’s an old skit. Fast forward to present time and four new species of tropical sharks that use their fins to walk are causing a stir in waters off northern Australia and New Guinea. Whoa. SNL was so ahead of its time. Good times ahead. What’s next?

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  1. Sharks are so single Minded and Focused i
    Have to give Evolution
    Credit and the
    Humor of making
    Them cute and cuddly
    Like Baby Yoda is
    Strangely endearing
    It reminds me of
    WordPress and
    When you are
    Notified that
    The 10th Person
    Liked your final
    Response comment
    Of ‘Have a Great Day’
    That you made on
    Someone’s Blog
    Post 2 Months
    Ago… Drive by
    Liking really has
    A Lot to say about
    Seelife i Believe i
    Do Love the reality
    Of Falling Iguana’s
    From the Sky as
    Currently we are
    Also Having Beautiful
    And Dreary Weather
    Every other Day in
    Florida additionally
    But at Least
    All this Makes
    More Sense than
    Legal Opinions
    In Impeachment
    Hearings these Days
    As Who Would think
    Hell Would Freeze
    Over this


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