January you were a bit rough

It’s the year of the rat. I’m full of hope. I’m optimistic. However, this first month of the new decade was a bit rough. I don’t think I really need to recap. But here I go.

Earthquakes. Bombings. A new deadly virus spreading throughout the world. Through January 26th, there were already 18 mass shootings in the United States. Kobe Bryant and his daughter died in a helicopter crash. I didn’t even want to believe that one. I thought-hoped- it was fake news. He was so young about to embark in part two of his life. A new chapter and yet it wasn’t meant to be. I am foryinate and glad to have gone with my son to watch Kobe play in one of his last games. My son was in awe and screamed to let us know. What a loss to that family to have both a father and child perish. I can’t imagine the sense of devastation.

And, it’s been raining iguanas.

On a personal front I got the flu, sinus infection, and bronchitis. My son needed stitches. And, our car was totaled.

Overall, I’m done with January. This month is named after Janus the god of new beginnings and transitions. One has to wonder, however, what kind of beginning is this. Perhaps we had a rough start so that the rest of the year can only go up from here. It is certainly an interesting strategy by the universe to change our framing from a downward to an upward comparison. For a second here I had to speak like a psychologist. I most certainly still have optimism and will strive to believe things are going to get better.

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  1. Truth Courage Beauty Wisdom Love
    by any other Name January surely
    A Month With Not only Winter
    Flowers but Thorns of Rose
    Today Lies Will Be Acquitted
    too on this Last Day of January
    And If the Pursuit of Truth is Tied
    at this Point of Direction in Light.. Justice in Chief
    is in deed likely to turn a blind eye to a decision
    to the Scales of Justice at the Highest Levels of
    Course Power
    And Shame
    are Bedfellows
    Who do not feel each
    other Callous they strain
    to Lift Lies Higher than Truth
    for an only excuse that is Real
    is that the Truth is too hard to do
    What is the Price now.. the Other
    Face of Janus of course meanwhile
    sure.. January Bruised me with the Flu
    too as it got better when my Year of the
    Rat came on board on January 25th too..
    I did find Truth Courage Beauty Wisdom Love
    in terms of returning to the Metro Dance Hall after
    3 Weeks where Smiles are Genuine.. Joy.. Hugs.. and of
    Course all Smiles are Beautiful And Wise when Truly Real
    And True too with no Fear to Express Joy.. i was treated no
    Different than ‘Norm’ from ‘Cheers’.. if he was gone from the
    Bar for 3 Weeks with the Flu too.. there is still hope for the
    Human Species
    when the
    sit next to you at Lunch..
    but true it didn’t really matter
    in Middle School as i was busy
    with my plan to Understand and Save the World…
    i was successful i saved my World i do believe in (Months)
    Days like this We all Deserve a Medal if We don’t Let Love Die..
    ‘Color World Love 2020’.. i don’t give up on New Year Resolutions and
    i surely
    give up
    by any Name..:)


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