If you want a rose do not run from the thorns

There are times when, like Madonna, we have to make it through the wilderness. Ok. I’m being silly. I haven’t quoted Madonna in ages. I do wonder what she has been up to lately. Although, apparently I don’t wonder all that much considering I haven’t bothered (nor will I) to google it. As Madonna notes let it, will be. Oh my. I quoted her again.

Right now, it has snowed. The meteorologists had a field day. But just like that it will melt away. And, soon spring will be here. Well, not just like that. And, that is the point. There will be a few more snowstorms. Perhaps, a major one or two. But in order to get to spring we must get through (for some endure) a winter season. That is what I woke up thinking about today.

My morning winter thoughts reminded me of that Persian saying about how if you want a rose, you can’t run away from the thorns. Or if you want a rose, a few thorns will come with it. There are many ways of paraphrasing this saying.

This is how I look at it. And with spring, the time of rejuvenation, we need to stand in the rain. Well, I love the rain. I love jumping in puddles of rain. I’ve learned to embrace the storms that come with rejuvenation.