I don’t get the point of counterfeit makeup

Growing up I was not that much into makeup. First, I had no dolls. I did not dress up any dolls. I did not put makeup on dolls. Second, I had seen so many women in my neighborhood growung up with potmarks on their faces that I attributed to overuse of makeup. Thus, I told myself I would resist the lure of makeup. It was my odd way of being subversive. I don’t even know what I was really thinking about. Third, I had no idea how to apply makeup. Thus, I didn’t bother. I suppose now there are 100s, not hundreds of thousands of YouTube makeup tutorials. You get it. Makeup wasn’t my thing.

Fast forward to today. My bathroom has a whole closet filled with makeup. I sometimes ask myself how I got here and I have no real explanation. It is a state of being that I slowly have been inching towards. I love eye shadow. That’s my thing. I love eyeliner. That’s my other thing. I think I like the dramatic. That’s the look I seem to be going for these days. I suppose I do some media interviews, public presentations, and am constantly going out to business meetings. My whole persona, including my face, is part of my business strategy. There’s the rub. That’s how I got to this point in time in my makeup relationship.

While I was laid up with the flu, I watched a documentary episode on Netflix about counterfeit makeup. Apparently, it is a thriving international business. One of the big markets for counterfeit makeup is this particular market in Los Angeles that I discovered months before moving back to New York. Somehow, I naively never noticed that the makeup they sold there was counterfeit. I can’t remember buying any makeup there as I tend to buy my makeup at Sephora or Mac. But the documentary made me a bit scared of all that counterfeit makeup. Apparently, much of it contains high levels of bacteria, human waste, and animal feces. Yuck. As I was watching the documentary I kept asking myself (in my flu induced delirium) why would anyone want fake makeup?

I don’t get it. As a New Yorker I get why people buy fake Rolexes and Gucci handbags. The label gives off an air and makes a statement, for better or worse. However, the makeup you put on your face doesn’t have embossed the brand name. Who would know whether your makeup is high a particular brand. I may be overthinking this. I’m still sick. However, I will stay away as best I can from putting feces on my face.

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  1. In a World of Avatars really what is Genuine
    what is even Real.. as of course when we only
    hear text from others we give them our Imaginary
    Voice for them when they speak to us.. there is really
    no other choice other than pretend they are not there…
    Anyway this much i know
    the Flu is Frigging
    Real and oh
    Lord does
    it bring
    Us back
    to Biology
    in the Flesh and
    Blood World but true even when
    i was so weak i could hardly type
    i could still travel to the other side of
    the World in an instant.. and assign
    a Make-Believe voice to someone else
    who i have never Heard their voice or seen
    anything of who they are.. the ‘thing’ about a counterfeit
    reality online is.. it doesn’t have to get sick it doesn’t have to grow older..
    it’s practically no distance.. space.. or time.. and matter of fact it fits through
    a Fiber Optic Cable all of what we see and do in ‘this other place’ now.. when
    Imaginary Worlds take shape.. perhaps it offsets some of the other non-genuine
    stuff in life
    but what i
    do know
    is Real..
    Getting over
    the Flu Completely
    no Counterfeit for that!
    sorry to hear you are still
    sick and i do mean that hehe..;)


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