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To be like Max the Cat

I am a dog person. Always have been. They fill me with great joy and warmth. I just want to squeeze and roll my doggie over. Despite being a dog person I have had cats. Although, that was not wise at all considering my high level of allergies. Cats make me sneeze non-stop to the point that I can suffer an asthma attack. Thus, I am a mega dog person.

Growing up my mom told me all sorts of superstitions about cats. Of course, we havd all heard about what happens if a black cat crosses your path. But did you also that a cat can raise the dead? According to my mom there were such circumstances. For all these reasons and more, I don’t get into cat memes. I’m just not a cat person. Nothing wrong with those who are.

There is one cool cat, however, that I would love to meet. Max the cat. This past week, out in California Max showed the world who is the boss. Max, a black and white cat, was in his backyard handing out. Then three -not one but three- coyotes cane into his yard and surrounded him. Max didn’t back away. Max didn’t cower. Max didn’t flee. He stood his ground and pushed back the three menacing coyotes. In the face of extreme adversity, Max was able to stand strong. It was probably a bit foolhardy and reckless of Max to do so. However, I was impressed. Sometimes you have to be “dumb” and not recognize the crazy overwhelming odds against one.

Lately, I’ve been like Max. Some might say I’ve been a little crazy. I’ve not only stood fast against some overwhelming odds, but I have almost gleefully taken them on.

Here’s to Max.

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