An interesting year thus far: Earthquakes, slaps, and you know…

It has been an interesting year thus far. Yes, I know. We are only a week into the new year. A week. However, it feels longer than that. A new year brings hopes, dreams, and at times, actions geared towards self-improvement. Those thoughts and actions usually dissipate by March. If not sooner. We also have the numerous award shows (i.e., Golden Globes, Grammys, Oscars and Superbowl). It’s the time of year of cheers, groans, and fist-pumps. That is if your “team” is winning. If you are me, everything I root for loses. I really need to stop rooting for the underdog. Actually, the underdogs have been bringing it lately. No one hates an underdog story. Or they shouldn’t. It’s part of our collective psyche. In termsbof the Superbowl, the Patriots are out and I’m good. I’m a New Yorker.

But back to this year which is just a week old.

I, personally, have had it a bit rough. Turns out I have the flu, a sinus infection, and was severely dehydrated. All this activated my long dormant asthma (no attacks for a decade). I went to two clinics – the second finding all that was wrong with me. I have always been an overachiever. Thus, why not go for four illnesses simultaneously. I’ve been laid up in bed working. Yes. I have not stopped. Just different location. I know. I know.

While laid up, I’ve binged watched many shows and unfortunately caught up with the news. I was slightly amused at the Pope’s beginning-of-the-year hand slap. He got irritated. He’s human. She latched on too tightly. We all have our limits. He apologized. He will do better. What a way to kick off the year. I know. I know.

Then, a “little” action happened in the middle east. Some are fearful. Some are hyped up. Some are still recovering from New Year’s Eve and haven’t caught up. You know that’s true. I know. I know.

Then, Puerto Rico has been hit for weeks with a rapid number of earthquakes which is unprecedented for them. They are not prepared in any way. The government plans to release a plan by end of February. Meanwhile, the earthquakes started off small and have now been hit with a 5.6, 6.0, and 6.6 earthquake in days (if not hours of one another). The island does have a history with earthquakes but hurricanes have always been their biggest worry. Seeing little kids hiding under tables not understanding why things are shaking is heartbreaking. What is happening and what will happen is anyone’s guess. I just hope those “go” bags are prepared. And, we will have to prepare to help should something catastrophic should occur. I know. I know.

Then you have the wildfires in Australia and seeing a kangaroo hug his rescuer and a koala bear being given care is heartbreaking.

I know. I know. It’s all like a layered cake of dismay. Hopefully we can as a society take a hold, calmly assess, and put real plans that save people into action.

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