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The silly need for more than 27 dresses in my NYC closet

Despite still feeling under the weather, I had to prepare for a high level meeting where I had to be prepared to make some big asks. My brain was tired. My throat sore from all the coughing. My bones ached from having to take it easy. Yes, that can and does occur.

Part of my preparation entailed picking out an outfit. Everything has to be part of a larger strategy including my dress and shoes. I went to my closet and laughed. My closet is a New York closet. Anyone familiar with one of those knows you somehow manage to stuff 1000 things into 12 centimeters. Or so it seems. I had just finished watching the movie 27 Dresses for the 100th time. I will be the first to say I don’t care for the actress Katherine Heigel. I will also be the first to say there are about four of her movies that I watch more than once a year. Go figure. In the movie, she has 27 bridesmaids dresses stuffed into a New York closet and the reporter interviewing her notes that bad use of space. Why would you save hideous dresses when space is a premium?

I don’t have 27 hideous bridesmaids dresses in my closet but it took me 30 minutes to find my leather dress. Not that I was going to wear that to the meeting. I just felt a major need to find it. I was convinced I had lost it in the move. Thus, I was frantically looking through my stuffed closet for a black dress that just got covered up by all the other dresses. Now, you would think I was going to next say that I will be following Marie Kondo’s advice and decluttering. That is not where I am going with this. I don’t subscribe to Kondo’s philosophy. As a matter of fact I realized I still have some give in my closet and I am in need for a few more high powered dresses.

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  1. oh dear. I used to think like that.. I am not a neat organized person, I like my clutter, it is rather refreshing to look through things and go..”what!” I do however, go on “let’s do it” sprees, and clean out all that I am not or have not worn. Usually though, =^_^= it is to make room for the new. fun read.


  2. I thank my lucky stars that I am past the point where I have to decorate myself to go out in public.

    And yet, every time I go to dinner at our retirement community, I put on a dress and gold earrings, and make sure my hair is brushed and looking its best.

    I get it – the urge to look in public as if you feel well and are in control of your current life.

    I need a few more of those dresses for variety – dinner is served in public every day of the year.


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