Punctuality, puffy sleeves and pockets: It’s all in a Golden Globes evening

Award season is upon us. Well, it seems like award season is year long. However, the “mega” award season is now fully underway with the Golden Globes. Despite last year being a ho-hum movie experience, I saw many more of the movie nominees than the television shows. It used to be the opposite trend for me before. Then something changed for me and in pop culture. Television now isn’t driven by network stations. Or at least not the so-called good television. Which I don’t necessarily believe.

I sat down to watch the red carpet and was struck by the number of dresses that the actresses were wearing that had pockets. Yes, that is something I focused in on. See. I have been wearing dresses with pockets for years now. The world is catching up to me. What I didn’t like were all the puffy sleeves on many of the dresses. Although actor Jason Mamoa took the look the whole other direction by sitting in a tank top. With arms like that I suppose he should show them off.

Ovetall, I’m not sure what to make of the Golden Globes show. I have to say I’m a little tired of actresses winning for portraying the queen. And, I was surprised Tom Hanks was super emotional and talked about punctuality. Actually, I’m grateful to him mentioning such a ho-hum topic. I am usually someone who is not only on time, but often early. It drives me crazy when people are late. It especially drives me crazy when people are late repeat offenders. I find it disrespectful. It’s as if they are telling you that their time is more valuable than yours. Kudos to Hanks for calling out those who are not punctual.

As for the awards themselves. There was no clear momentum for any one film except for maybe “1917”. The one film I haven’t seen. Nor do I plan to. My picks for Oscars: Joaquin Phoenix, Brad Pitt, and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. And, we’re off. Let’s see what happens.

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  1. My Wife is the TV Expert
    But she missed the Golden
    Globes.. We Both acquired
    The Upper Respiratory
    Virus down South
    So Humbling In Bed
    For 18 Hours Almost
    Too Weak to type
    i wrote some
    Delirious Poetry
    In my Head.. No
    TV thoughts though
    Just Words Words..:)


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