I am going back to my roots: Poetically bold is my word for 2020

I’ve got this! Took me a week or more. Actually a few months. Each year, just like Merriam Webster and others alike, I chose a word of the year. Sometimes it is retrospectively applied. Other times, I pick a word for the coming year to help frame my mind, spirit, and body.

Towards the end of 2018, I picked the word “joy” for 2019. I was determined to not let others steal my job. I was determined to pivot towards the joyful whenever possible. The same way elections are a referendum on the previous administration, so are my words, in a way. If “joy” was my word for 2019 you can imagine what 2018 had been like. I had some hard lessons to overcome, but 2019 was a strong year for me personally. I came out swinging in favor of joy, and joy found me. As did success.

While I welcomed joy and sought it out, I also bid my time. I was determined to be thoughtful on my next steps because I didn’t want to cycle back to pain. Let me rephrase. Pain is a part of life. It is ok to experience, in hindsight. However, I didn’t want to be “victimized” by pain. And, that is where I am leaving that because I am choosing to be free. Plus, I know my success really irks a few others. Ouch. That was not kind of me to say. But we all know a few others who are existentially threatened by one’s success, however defined. And, one cannot be defined by that either.

In looking towards 2020, it is the year of the rat. And, I am a rat per the Chinese calendar. I am not too sure what that means other than I am seizing the year. In looking for a word to frame 2020, I narrowed my list down to 15 words. That was a tad much. Included on that list was transparency (boring and wonky), velocity (but I’m not pretending to be the Flash), and momemtum (not a bad word but its to be gained or maintained). I wanted something strong to start off a new decade that would look good in pink.

And, thus I chose “poetically bold”. It’s a nuanced phrase being both simple and complicated. I had thought of using each word alone and then I realized they went well together. Alone, each word can be somewhat trite. Together, it captures a state of being that is meant to be strong yet beautiful. Bold colors. Bold tongue. Bold battles. Poetically framed. Poetic insights. Poetic justice. It’s all there. Last year my color was blue. This year, it’s sprinkles.

My quote to help frame it all:

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can’t hit what the eyes can’t see.”

Why did I choose this phrase? As a kid I had to be bold. As a kid I also told stories and wrote poetry following in my mom’s footsteps. This year is for her.

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  1. “The Year of the Rat” Similarly Blessed i am although
    A More Ancient Rat in deed as This is the 5th Chinese
    12 Year-Cycle i will see since 1960.. my Word and Resolution
    for the New Year is “Color World Love 2020”.. i was gonna tag
    it and use some Odd Capitalization but i figure “Color World
    Love 2020” is Probably Enough.. my Mother Was a Poet
    Starting in her 50’s too.. Her Poetry Naturally came
    in Shapes too.. although it was very Structured
    in Nature and Always Rhymed Perhaps
    She Used a Thesaurus but i’m
    not Sure.. anyway.. i really
    Had no Interest in Poetry
    (Before my Soul Grew Up)
    when i was Young then the
    Only thing that touched me
    in any Poetry i read was the Line
    “Leaves of Grass” by Whitman as it really
    Sunk in to me that We are All Part of Nature
    Naturally and Nature is US too.. Wow that really
    made Sense to me in Feeling Way for a Perfect
    Definition of God in Loving it all this way so far
    Away from the Cruelty i saw expressed for
    People who are Different in the Locality
    that once had the Record Book
    Number of Churches Per
    Square Mile.. it didn’t
    make Sense why
    ‘Their God’
    was supposed
    (also sending folks
    to hell forever for
    making mistakes
    so unforgiving not
    a Nice He at all too)
    to Be Love but such
    a small God that not even
    the Grains of Sands that Hold
    Up Mountains of Human Love did not mean
    as much to ‘them’.. only one man only
    one man.. perhaps if not only one man
    Love For ALL Love for Nature in Us Just
    Love For ALL in Thanks and Praise of
    Joy to the World! Yes Jesus F in
    Christ i feel like playing
    that Song by Earth
    Wind and Fire
    again even
    though Christmas
    is gone for NoW the King of the
    World is always Love for ALL for me ALL
    Perhaps it is the Asperger’s Syndrome
    but i just can’t deal with stuff that makes
    no Frigging sense at all.. i cut through the
    CRap Quicker than a SharPest SWord through Butter with SMiLes
    Anyway.. somehow someway that gift of actually understanding
    Poetry and then this Magical Flow came through me too in my 50’s…
    Can You Really Inherit Shapes of Poetry from Your Mother well perhaps
    in Form no but Essence Yes.. for True all Form Springs From Essence i have
    no idea how i know this but i just do.. it is something more than anything i have
    ever read in
    all the Books
    that were
    supposed to
    teach me about
    this World.. smiles
    come to find out it
    Was always inside NoW…
    We have a CoMMoN Rodent
    Ancestor 75 MiLLioN Years ago that
    i see no less than God than me and You
    And everything ALL else.. it just makes so much
    sense to me now it all comes together like ‘Leaves
    of Grass’ Do Be Bold Do Be Poetic Do Be Free Be You if i may call You FRiEnD
    too not that you are Special Just that You are Another Leave of Grass and God too..
    For you
    see this
    is how
    i see everything
    now i wish others could
    too as there is nothing in this place but
    Love ‘The Year of the Rat’ i see as God too..
    But Still i sure do like that Song “Year of the
    Cat by Al Stewart”
    So Free to
    Be i am surely
    A Cat too and one
    who likes Dogs too..
    And sure i guess a Pesky Rat too..
    OBTW Happy New Year 2020! To You!
    Now that i “think” about it when i am in flow i am
    Always SPeaKinG to the Same “Person” but No
    Really it’s not a Person at all it is the Voice of my Soul Love
    A Dance And
    Song Free
    i do
    that is
    God in
    me i do Believe
    it is the Biggest SmALLest Thing And No Thing Ever… NoW
    i share it everywhere i go i cannot help it yet it is always the same ‘Voice’
    IT iS Fire Spreading NoW With SMiLes Fire That Colors Fire That Breathes..:)


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