The Peloton and Chris Pratt ads: What’s the story?

I am a little late to this particular party but I wanted to weigh in on some recent television and social media advertisements. I have had a lot going on in my life recently and I haven’t taken the time to think about one of these silly twitter media controversies. Honestly, half the time I wonder how it is that people have the time to follow all these controversies small and large. Between family, work, eating, and sleeping for a few hours, I don’t feel there is much time left to give. Regardless, I somehow (somewhat contradictorily) manage to keep up-to-date.

Let me start with a fairly benign social media ad controversy.

A few weeks back, the actor Chris Pratt (not to be confused with Chris Evans or Chris Pine) posted on Instagram a photo of himself holding a plastic water bottle while against a treadmill as part of his new partnership with Amazon. Fairly standard stuff. Then, fellow actor Jason Mamoa called him out for poding with a single-use plastic bottle. It seemed like a Twitter feud was about to erupt. And, then it didn’t. They each apologized. Whoa! Chris Pratt thanked the Aquaman actor for holding him accountable and Jason Mamoa apologized for being so harsh to his friend. What an amazing series of communications.

Well, if this had been 15 years ago it would have been rather ho hum. These days feuds are happening every two seconds. They each had something to say, argued briefly and then were not only civil, but they showed each other respect and admiration. Can the two of them help teach some civility 101 online courses?

Now, the less benign advertisement.

Have you seen the Peloton ad where the husband gifts a seemingly less-than-thrilled wife a Peloton exercise machine? I don’t think many have seen the ad, yet many have weighed in on it. And, it should be noted that Peloton financials are not that great lately. And, I should note I never want a Peloton machine as a gift. At the gym in the morning, next to my favorite elliptical machine is a Peloton bike that is in high demand. And, it annoys me to no end.

Back to the ad itself.

The actress in the ad (who played the wife) apparently had an unintentionally frightened reaction to being gifted an exercise machine by her husband although she hadn’t asked for one. Furthermore, in the ad the wife goes on to make a home video of her fitness journey using the machine. It is the home video journal that seems to have gotten the most reactions, prompting many to compare it to a “hostage video” or a “horror movie.” If you watch the ad there is a creepy element to it. However, it may be that we -society- is making too much of it. While I would not want a Peloton machine, I would most certainly welcome an exercise machine (a really nice one) as a gift. And, it would be both for keeping the weight off and for building up my cardiorespiratory health. Many on Twitter said, however, the husband was telling his already thin wife to lose weight. Maybe. Maybe it was so she could better prepare for a marathon. Maybe it was to help her recover from and/or address some chronic disease. Or maybe it was just a silly ad.

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  1. Sincerity, Respect, And
    Common Courtesy; Understanding And
    Forgiveness; Yes,
    In Deed this is
    The Place
    That Gardens
    LoVE iN Deed
    The Perennially
    Politically Love Correct
    “Chris Prat and Aqua Man
    Water Bottle Environmentally
    Safe Love Story”
    “Field of Dreams”
    Build it and they
    Come to the Temple
    Of Love (PS: Chris Platt
    Is A Christian Star of
    A Movie Series that is
    A Parable about A Savior
    With An ‘Evil Father’
    Who Saves the ‘Galaxy’
    Of Love; did a Quick
    Google Cliff Note
    First)… That Peloton
    Exercise Machine Commercial where
    The Husband Perhaps
    Thin Shames the Already
    Thin Wife to make Her
    A More acceptable
    Instagram Model
    For His Personal
    Use.. What a Sick
    Society We Do
    LiVE iN So Flesh
    And Blood Vapid
    Shallow in Deed
    With Little HeART
    SpiRiT Soul-Deep-Talks
    Left.. Yes… ‘Who’ owns
    ‘Time’ in the Twitter
    Verse of More
    Than a Zillion
    Less Than 280
    Character Blurbs…
    True.. She Could Have
    Been intentionally
    Inspired to fulfill
    Her Greater Human
    Potential but i
    See it in Deed
    As Another
    Sick Society
    Soul of
    Trump Instagram
    Glory Trophy Significant
    Tool other… What Else..
    Been Encouraging my
    Wife to Gain Weight
    All Her Life.. She
    Finally Fits Perfect
    In a Bikini Close
    To age 50.. So
    My Sister Helped
    me Create A Buy one
    Get one Free Walgreen Desktop ($9.99) Top Bikini
    Pin-Up Calendar
    Of My Wife.. already
    Posted ‘The Spread’
    On Facebook me
    And Her Had
    Star Wars
    Over The Christmas
    Gift.. We Kissed and Made
    Up as Always our Love
    Comes back in deed she
    Is the real Rey and
    i am Kylo.. hehe..
    More often
    The Roles
    Reversed to
    Keep the Dark
    And Light Force
    In Balance.. so i
    Created a Parody
    Calendar of me
    For Her too
    ‘Sexy At 60’
    Relating the
    Story to the Waitress
    At the Restaurant…
    My Wife Didn’t even
    Crack a Smile…
    She Did
    And i Dodged
    Her Light Saber
    As Dancing Road
    Runner the
    Rest of the Day…
    Do know That
    At Least Road Runner
    And Wylie Coyote are
    Friends At the end of
    The Work Day.. sadly
    i find what may
    Seem like the Warmest
    Folks these Days as Eternally Unforgiving
    Instagram Models
    Who “Work for
    Pay’ Male
    And Female
    Sadly so glad
    Kylo and Rey
    Are Still Together For Real
    Just Another XMas Story🌲


  2. I liked your last comment. People read so much cr … stuff into things. Mostly I think it’s the result of a personal axe to grind. But on the whole, I just hate the whole PC thing. Not really sure why this set me off that way. Just saying. You know, people should realize that all sorts of people are going to say all sorts of things about all sorts of stuff. Grow a little thicker skin and get on with life. Let them have their say and then move on. Could be I’m not in the best mood today, but there you are. Now I’m laughing at myself. Oh well.


  3. If she asked for it, it’s a nice gift. Otherwise, it’s like getting a vacuum cleaner or a new washing machine: maybe necessary, but insulting as a Christmas present. Unless she requested it.

    She doesn’t look as if she did.


  4. We have too much time on our hands. A person has to keep busy so we make up controversies.

    Obviously, the only reason a husband would buy his wife a gift is to “tell her something.” It couldn’t be anything else.

    Since we do not know the backstory, there really isn’t a lot to say about it. They are obviously young and affluent. She really likes doing selfies. There ends our knowledge. The ad is a Rorshach test. Anything we say beyond that is a story we make up, projecting our own hopes and insecurities onto the people concerned. As you pointed out there could be a lot of benign reasons for such a gift.

    Since she is *already* slender and attractive,,why would one assume that was any kind of factor in the gift? Is the only reason a person exercises to get skinnier? A Peleton isn’t a vacuum cleaner. It is a very expensive toy. Maybe she was feeling blue? Exercise is a great way to lift depression. Maybe his underlying motive was to encourage her to live a healthy lifestyle? Is that wrong? Maybe it was to share with her something he already loved? Maybe he didn’t have a clue what to get and bought it for her on sheer speculation?

    What if a wife had bought hubby the same gift? Would we have the same complaints?

    Could it be he understood her enough that he suspected she would eventually really enjoy it? She didn’t reject it outright, didn’t return it, it didn’t gather dust in a forgotten corner, get regifted or end up in a white elephant sale. She gave the Peleton more of a chance that some viewers gave the ad.

    Why does it have to be the negative explanation people turn to?


      • LOL! I have bought my wife 2 different exercise cycles over the years. Heard they might be good for bad knees.
        She lost interest in each one within a couple months. Finally got her a cruiser bike at REI last year and this time she is sticking with it. I bought a new bike later on and sometimes we go on rides together. (She even rode with me on the 2019 WNBR LA. 😉 )
        Skinny was never a part of it. Wanting her to live long an stay mobile was the point.


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