Still no post-credit scene for any Star Wars movie: And, that’s a wrap

I am not a big Star Wars fan. The only movie in the series I really liked was Rogue One and it is stand-alone. However, I went into this latest Star Wars viewing experience with an open mind. A hopeful mind. This year has been rather ho-hum when it comes to movies. My favorite thus far has been The Joker. And, that was a rather dark, bleak film. But it was a fantastic movie. Joaquin Phoenix is deserving of an Oscars award.

Any way you slice it, on the winter solstice I went to catch a very long Star Wars movie. And, here is the thing. It wasn’t terrible. It was not great. There were times when I had to google a tidbit here and there during the film so that I could truly follow. But despite not being a huge Star Wars fan, I did feel bits of nostalgia while watching it. There’s also a feel good narrative of never quitting. In that vein, it’s a perfect movie in a way for the holiday season. Although, I still rather watch Die Hard for Christmas. And strangely, the theatre was rather quiet even when some key past figures show up. Maybe it’s the people in my community.

At the end of the film you are watching the horizon left wondering what’s next. In terms of post-credit scenes there are none. That’s the Star Wars tradition or non-tradition. It ends and so it stays done. For now. Nothing in Hollywood stays done. And, nothing is sacred. One day, to our collective horror, Casablanca will be remade. Till then, we are more likely to get yet another Star Wars Installment. But where it goes, who knows. We would need interesting characters, or so we would hope. I just don’t know which interesting characters are left.

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  1. “Train Yourself to Let
    Go of Everything You
    Fear to Lose” Versus
    “Anything is Possible”…
    God.. i miss Yoda.. the
    Galaxy.. Has Become
    So Shallow And Vapid…
    i sat There During the
    Entire Movie
    Come Back
    To Life Except
    Yoda.. Hmm.. WHere
    Is Yoda… Really.. We
    Need Him MoRE NoW
    Than Neo and
    John Wick
    on 5.21.21…
    We Need Yoda Now
    For 2020 Vision to move
    Out of the Arena
    Of Tired Vapid
    Shallow Deep
    Cliche’s that only
    Idealize Eventually
    Leading to Devaluation…
    Yes.. Be Prepared to
    Never Die
    When Living
    Now That much
    Is Possible Yes
    PS.. Kindness
    And Forgiveness
    Makes LovE Light
    Matters Not What…
    Bad Blood Need Not Be..:)

    -he He

    Other Than That i saw The First ‘Star Wars’ Movie when i Was 17 in ‘77.. 42 Years Ago.. Healthier Addiction Than
    And ‘ Old Time’
    ‘Trump Religion’..;)


  2. I lost interest when the first Ewok came on screen – so after the first two. That stupid chase through the woods on scooters finished it almost off, and then Carrie Fisher’s long hair killed the rest. Ah, well.

    We can’t all be purists, and movie-making is EXPENSIVE.


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