The joy of brightly colored food

I love food. I would ask, who doesn’t? However, there are individuals out there who just don’t care about food or eating. To each his or her own. I enjoy it. I like to try all sorts of new cuisines and dishes. I like to mix up odds and ends as well.

Recently, I was out for a late lunch get together. I over ordered, as usual. In all fairness to myself, I had already walked over 10,000 steps. My friend ordered a very small amount, as usual. What struck me however is her diet of eating colorful food. Bright oranges and yellows. I had never contemplated such a diet but I was intrigued. And, it makes sense. Foods that are bright orange are often going to be rich in the antioxidant beta-carotene.

Turns out one should eat a rainbow of foods — red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple and white. Turns out one should aim to mix up the hues when eating out. What’s even better for me, is that brightly colored foods remind me of being a kid. I feel like it brings out one’s inner child and we can all afford to do that more often.

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  1. My New Year’s Resolution
    Last Year i Tagged.. #SoulDancing2019 …
    Now i Aim
    to Focus
    On #2020VisionCreateNewColors ..Soul Dancing Solo
    i will Continue Allone…
    Really Though None
    Of This is New
    Under the Sun…
    Just More Reason
    To Celebrate its
    Return After
    3 Days Darkness
    Of Winter Solstice…
    A MiLLioN+
    Beyond Old
    Anxieties Buried
    In Darkness of Soul Colors… Food For Feeling.. Brighter Now For Real..
    Tree Colors
    Branching Out
    Roots Loving All
    DarK Thru LiGHT..:)


  2. I totally agree. Brightly colored food (when not processed with food polish) is also tastier and makes you feel hungry when you look at it. A good mix-up of vegetables is my idea of good food. It’s what that makes my day at times; so much that I look forward to my meals amidst work because that’s my idea of a good energizing break.


  3. I agree wholeheartedly about eating as wide a range of colorful foods as possible! In addition to being better for your health, all those beautiful hues also make a much more aesthetically pleasing plate. Looking at a beautiful platter of food is uplifting to the soul.

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  4. I love all kinds of veggies in every color! I might have been the only kid in my (admittedly very small) hometown, who loved spinach turnip, broccoli and… lima beans!


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