Woke up needing to watch Die Hard: A Christmas tradition

Tis the season to be jolly. Yes, indeed it is. I live this time of the year. I now have Alexa playing Christmas songs non-stop. Actually, she’s playing a lot of ’80s music as well as nostalgia has taken a hold of me. In that vein, I needed to watch Die Hard this morning. I just needed to. I craved it, sort of speak.

Die Hard starts off with John McClane clucthing his armrest while landing in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve. He seatmate advised him to make fists with his toes as a way to decompress. Have you tried it? I have and it works. After being advised of this technique, he gets off the plane and proceeds to smoke in the terminal. Yes, the movie is a bit dated. It was released in 1988, afterall. Within 15 minutes of the movie starting, John McClane notes that he didn’t know they celebrated Christmas in Los Angeles. Having lived in Los Angeles myself, I can tell you that they celebrate it out there with a different flair than what east coasters are used to. But there is whimsy in the air. One can argue that there always is whimsy in California.

However, despite the whimsy, I am most excited to be back in New York this year to celebrate Christmas my way. Storefront windows showcasing the season. Christmas markets springing up throughout the city. Christmas trees being bought and dragged throughout the city sidewalks. That is a sight. Us New Yorkers carry everything and anything on the streets snd in the subways. And, for that reason I needed to watch Die Hard. Well, for the love of Christmas.

Yes, Die Hard is set in Los Angeles but most people would acknowledge that it is one of the top Christmas movies out there. As McClane notes “now I have a machine gun. Ho. Ho. Ho”. That’s the spirit silliness of that movie. The movie is filled with Christmas lights, drinks and songs. Of course, the sound of breaking glass and machine guns is at a higher volume but the Christmas spirit is there. His wife’s name is Holly! And, he comes to realize he had never said “sorry” to her.

Regardless of how people land on this debate, I believe it to be a Christmas movie and I woke up to a warm comforter and some holiday cheer.

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  1. I keep hearing about Die Hard as a Christmas movie and am going to have to watch it. As to Christmas in New York, enjoy. We have always dreamed of doing this one year. Fingers crossed.


  2. I agree entirely. A number of years ago my new girlfriend brought her sons to my place in New York to experience Christmas. When I announced we would spend some time watching Christmas movies their faces sank. But when I put on Die Hard they were delighted and it was time for my girlfriend to be dismayed. Merry Christmas!


  3. “Whimsy” Smiles as the ‘Tarot Fool’ Will Dance
    With One Foot Off the Cliff and One Foot On the
    Cliff as Who is Afraid of Falling i am sure am so i Dance
    instead.. hehe.. it was really Hard to Reach Halfway Around
    the Globe in Public Dance Today but after 7 Hours of Effort
    in Crowded Christmas
    Shopping All Around
    the Metro area the
    Milestone is
    as 12,457 Miles
    Came to Exceed the
    Needed 12,450.5 Miles
    to Achieve that Featnote
    in Celebrating Public Dancing
    Halfway Around the Globe now to
    the Rest of the Globe by the Age of 66…
    Surely.. somEday i’ll pass through New York
    And Los Angeles too at Least VicaRiouSly Hehe..
    It’s true
    i’m Die
    Hard too but
    more like the
    Energizer Bunny
    than any Movie Hero i’ve
    Seen except Forrest Gump So far..
    It’s Kinda Nice to be able to tell people
    about my Asperger’s Syndrome now and say
    Yes.. Like Greta Thunberg the Cover of Time..
    Beats the Conjecture
    About Asperger’s
    Syndrome and
    Killings from
    the ‘Adam Lanza’ Days
    And that’s for Damn Sure True..:)


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