You have to bring the sunshine inside

The workplace is not an easy place in which to exist, all things considered. We spend many hours there. I know that more often than not I go without eating lunch. And, I am quite fine with that. We have to spend many hours with people who are completely different from oneself. There’s productivity, politics, and posturing. There are a lot of shark-infested waters to navigate.

With such an environment it may be a bit hard to keep one’s chin up and one’s giggle to a melodic stream. It doesn’t mean one gives up. We just are to try and try some more. Or at least, that is my perspective. You have to bring the sunshine inside.

A few weeks back, I was quite touched to get a card noting my sunny disposition. Or rather, that I try to make the best of a work situation.

I found it funny that I was seen as making work less “worky”. I think we should all aim for that perspective and framework. It doesn’t hurt to be engaged on a human level.

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  1. We Live in a World Where A Sixteen-Year-Old Girl With Asperger’s Syndrome Will Change This World by Helping To Save the Environment that is All Our Home; Recognized As Person of The Year on a Popular Magazine Cover With Great Honor that
    Is Sincere, Respectable, and A Common Courtesy
    to Humans Who have Achieved Great Works for
    The Common Good..:)

    We Live LiVE iN A World Where a ‘Man’ will Publicly Do His Best to Bully and Humiliate This Young Woman; Yet, She Will Stand Taller than this ‘Man’ Supported by Half A Country for ‘Leader of
    the Free World’.

    i am Also ‘The Sunshine’;
    i Live in Both of These
    Worlds; 93 Million Miles
    Or So Above Darkest Clouds; My Rays May not
    Penetrate Darkest Clouds;
    Yet They Shine on Above

    Have A Nice Day..:)


  2. How lovely. I live for people who make work less worky. For me it was this woman called Renata. Everybody loved Renata. Whenever she came by our desk, we were left with smiles. Smiles in her wake. ‘Ahh, gotta love Renata’ echoing in her shadow. Sounds to me like you’re doing a perfect job navigating the stormy waters of work. 🙂


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