mental health

Her stream of consciousness was in watercolor

Thoughts running round and round in her head. Paint. Break. Tear. Cry. Fear. Wild colors. Jeer. Pastels. Imagine. She couldn’t. Chop chop. Frenetic. Frantic. Frazzled.

It was going to be ok. It had to be. Rulers and measures were all that she had left to go by. But it may not be enough. But it had to be. The bough was about to bend and break. Teardrops piling up in the ducts. She wanted to taste their saltiness. She was ready. Maybe. Maybe not

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  1. Mastering MindS NoW
    Frequented By Low
    Levels of ‘Latent
    Finding Autotelic
    Flow i Free Dance
    Meditation Then
    i Sing In Laser
    Focus Ocean
    Whole Mind
    As 95 Percent of
    Our Subconscious
    Mind Rises to Greet
    The Rider On Top of
    The Elephant Who
    Sees more than
    5 Percent
    Song Becomes
    Equally Dance..:)


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