My son googles me

Last night my son and I were talking about how school went. A normal part of our evening conversation. He talked about his quizzes and his upcoming field trip. Or rather, a very broad review of his upcoming school trip. He had no idea where he was going other than it was a museum. I suppose that is the typical attention span of an 11-year old boy. It amuses me.

What also amuses me, is that my son admitted that he occasionally googles me, as well as himself. Kids these days! He brought this up when I told him about a recent media piece on me. He noted that I was famous again. I told him that I have never been famous. He countered with the fact that there are photos of me out there. I just had to smile and then laugh. I had to explain that nowadays almost everyone has a photograph or two of themselves out there. He wasn’t convinced by my explanation.

Regardless, I did ask him why he was googling me. He noted that he likes to just see what is out there about us. He likes seeing that his mommy has an online presence. And, luckily there is nothing bad out there about me.

As parents we do have to be mindful of this new world reality. Our kids can google us. They can see whether we have been naughty or nice. They can figure out whether we deserve a lump of coal. The tables can most definitely be turned on us. It’s humbling to know my son can look me up and that he does. And, it’s a but fun as well. Just as long as one is aware of the information that is out there.

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  1. I have given talks on this: what we once called “vanity surfing” is now a crucial part of “reputation management.” And all those early mommy bloggers? God help most of them. Those kids are professionals in their early 20s, now. It’s going to make for some awkward holiday get-togethers. I hope that it also makes everyone reflect, a bit – with a sense of kindness and humor – on what’s out there about them and others on the Internet. No one’s perfect, and most people will eventually have something “embarrassing” out there that they wish wasn’t. I hope that we all grow up a little and allow others to do the same.


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