Some of the silliest warnings including CDC advisories

Here’s a warning- do not hold the wrong end of a chainsaw. As far as warnings go, that’s a pretty good one in that it is needed. I suppose someone may indeed not know what is the end of the chainsaw that actually saws and cuts. If I ever needed to use a chainsaw I think I would know which end is which but I suppose a sticker doesn’t hurt. Then there are those warnings about not using a hair dryer while you are sleeping. Yes, that is true. However, one must wonder who is reading such a warning label while asleep. I suppose one can’t be too cautious. After all, now because of a lawsuit decades ago, we need to label one’s hot coffee as being hot. Laughingly, many years ago, a letter opener product had a warning label recommending one wear safety goggles. Of course!

Recently, the CDC warned us to not kiss our chickens, especially on the mouth. It makes sense in the large scheme of things. See, the CDC needs to warn Americans of the hazards of contact with chickens, including the risk of catching salmonella. What is somewhat funny to me is the warning to not snuggle with the backyard chickens. Got it!

And, of course we have the CDC warning and guide to dealing with zombies. Now, this I find most useful. You just never know. And, we should all be prepared for that zombie apocalypse.

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  1. Yes.. Zombie Apocalypse my Favorite Metaphor
    For When Humans Consume Their
    Own Home like ‘Ginger
    Bred Men’ Will do
    hehe Like
    Philosophies too…
    The Good News today
    is it seems there is a 16-Year
    Old Female Asperger’s Focus
    Driven ‘Savior’ for this Dilemma
    Hehe.. So much for my ‘Dream’
    of Being the First Person
    on a ‘Time’ Cover
    With Asperger’s
    Syndrome Now
    (Who Needs that with
    Google and searches
    of Images.. 100K or so associated
    with a Pen Name anyway now)
    heHe.. Butt still at the 166 Miles
    Rate Per Month on Average
    of Dance as i am currently
    45.5 Miles Away from the
    Halfway Around the
    Globe Point of
    i Calculate
    Another 6.6 Years
    of Dancing at this Average
    Monthly Rate will Take me
    Around the Globe at almost
    66 Years-old complete Fitting it seems
    for someone born on 6.6.60 With Three
    University Degrees Embossed with the
    Symbol of the Nautilus as a very Spiraling
    Looking 6 Shell too.. It’s Really Interesting
    as i’ve maintained close to an Average of 166
    Miles a Month in Public Dance for 75 Months now..
    i am always amazed when i take out the Calculator
    and that same Number 166 for Average Monthly Miles
    keeps coming up.. true Always a Reminder of the 66
    Months i spent Shut-in With Pain and Numb too.. hmm..
    Really though
    it’s probably
    not much
    than telling
    Yourself You
    will awake at 6 AM
    Doing that without
    An alarm Clock Each Day too..
    Just on a bit of a bigger Subconscious
    “5th Dimension Level” Arising to Fruition
    More.. hmm.. Perhaps i come with a warning
    Label too.. hmm.. now what could that Symbol(s) Be..
    In My Opinion God is a Laugh A Huge Sense of Humor
    At Best
    is a Comedy
    out of Dark into LiGHT..
    There wasn’t ‘a Chapter’
    on What ‘The Devil’ Will Do Next..
    meh.. Sympathy for the Devil too..
    Even Rolling Stones Will Gather that Much Forgiveness
    for Light Bringers Out of Falling DarK Stars oF Morning Stars More..
    Fleet Foot Messengers Hermes Mercury and all that Greek/Roman Jazz too..
    Anyway by the ‘Time’ i finish Public Dancing The Globe Perhaps Ellen Will at
    least Dance with me
    Dance with
    someone than
    become Part of their Play..
    Anyway the Earth Came with
    A Warning This Year Thunder
    And Lightening of Greta Thunberg
    And All Her Mighty Years of 16 so far
    MaKinG CLiMaTE CHaNGE Happen Back to Balance..
    for what
    Do When
    Emotions are
    Driving Forward for Change..
    We Most all have the Potential for
    OPeN HeART of Change Just Light the
    Flame.. Make the Torch Glow Now and Set
    Saint Elmo’s Fire Bonfire As Light of Change ComeS now..:)


  2. Almost every warning label is the result of a lawsuit somewhere.
    I think that if a person is stupid enough to try to hold onto the wrong end of a chainsaw or to use a blow drier while they are sleeping, they aren’t going to read the label to begin with. Or if they do, they’ll ignore it.
    The proliferation of labels means they get ignored. The *important* ones are lost in the crowd. Some warnings are far more important than others. Even if you can’t be rid of the sillier ones, there should be a way to prioritize. Reading the warnings on a typical OTC drug calls for a magnifying glass and occupies far, far more area than the instructions for use.
    Labels can also give us a false sense of security. Labels don’t make a thing safe. You can follow every caution label on a ladder and still fall off and die doing something stupid or because of an unforeseen event. No label can substitute for a dose of common sense.


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