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New york subway tales

I am back in my beloved city. I couldn’t be happier. As a matter of fact, I am quite thrilled. I love walking down active, full of life streets. I love seeing the city at night. I have often said that New York is best experienced at night. For it is unbelievable. The lights. The bustle. The sounds. The food. The beats.

When I lived in Los Angeles, I didn’t hate it. However, I missed my beloved New York. I especially missed riding the subway. For $2.50 you could ride for hundreds of miles. Overall, the New York city subway system contains 245 miles (394 km) of route. That is an unbelievable amount of distance one can ride the subway for. And, often you get a show. Just last week Alanis Morissette gave an impromptu subway “concert”. And, it is not just celebrities. All sorts of musicians perform in the subway.

It’s not all roses, however. My first subway ride back there was an attempted robbery on the platform. Interestingly, cops were there within seconds. And, of course, there are the entrepreneur kids selling candy. I’m always amazed when I see people buying a snickers on the train.

Just last week, there was a group of five people who were conducting a scavenger hunt. They started off by asking the whole car whether it was someone’s 50th birthday year. No one raised their hand, surprisingly. They then looked around to see if any kids were wearing a superhero shirt. I covered my son’s jacket up.

It was a random, yet not random subway event. You truly never know what will happen or appear in the New York City subway. Makes for far more interesting commutes than being stuck in traffic forever in Los Angeles.

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  1. Thanks for the Trip to NEW York NoW Place That Embodies Nomadic Spirit
    My Wife is a Homebody
    HeHe.. Thanks God
    For Online
    Keeps my
    Nomadic Spirit
    At Peace Traveling
    Within At Least.. And
    True Flying So High
    Home Base Grounds
    A Balloon that
    Wise Might
    See Stars as i
    Am just 57 Miles
    Away From Public
    Dancing Half the
    Way Around the
    Globe in my
    Metro Area
    At 12,450.5 Miles
    Away.. Yes.. True
    57.5 Miles Away…
    The Gym Assistant
    Pointed That “Forrest
    Gump” Factoid Achieved
    In 75 Months Like a Bird
    i Travel Light and
    Far in
    Spaces.. HAha
    Hmm.. Anyway Just
    A Muse That And
    This for a Title of
    A Next Blog Post
    As i Always
    Far and
    Near for the
    Next Trip Within Hehe..;)


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