Let me be old-school with my earphones

I will state it from the outset. I do not care for wireless earphones. I really don’t. I know they are all the rage. Everywhere I turn, someone has them on. It seems like so many feel like it bestows prestige upon the earphone wearer. I don’t get it.

In general, I am very modern and very technologically savvy. Yet, there are a few things that I like the “old” way. And though it may be silly, earphones are one of those things. I either lose or break my earphones once a month. There’s an airport store called InMotion whose 6am employees recognize me. For each flight I was getting new earphones as I had misplaced the previous ones. Now, I need really good ones as I use these for my countless daily teleconferences. And, everytime they tried to get me to buy the wireless ones. And, each time I resist. I like being tethered. This may sound absolutely silly and bonkers, but wireless earphones make a person not seem grounded. There I said it.

Although I love my Samsung (android) phone camera, I also love my old-fashion camera. I have short and long lens. I have an extra flash. I love the clicking sound of my multiple shots. When I travel internationally I always bring my “real” camera. I also send “real” holiday cards through snail mail. I enjoy creating them (through Snapfish) and writing personalized notes. Although, I must admit it is getting harder to do this as I have less and less “real” addresses for people. Sigh.

I have every social media account out there. My life is ruled, or rather helped, by my apps (i.e. wag, peapod, train times, etc.). I wholeheartedly embrace technology. Yet, there are some things we should keep the old way. For each person what that may be will differ. But I highly recommend something by which to stay grounded.