An emotion to be surrendered

Every second should be recognized

Every moment a savory morsel

Every occurence to be remembered

Yet our brains must compartmentalize

Storing and letting moments go

Moments, must be fleeting

Big events remembered

What happened at 9:01am to be quickly vaporized

No moment is too small

Alas, it’s saddening

A thought is a butterfly

An emotion to be surrendered

One’s id to be deflated

Only ego and skyscrapers to remain

Building blocks grounded into cement

Photograph the world with your eyes

See and soak into the brain folds

One day it may reappear

One day it may matter

3 replies »

  1. SMiLes if i had A Child A FRiEnD i WiLL surely
    EnCouRaGE Them to
    Paint Every Rain Drop
    With Love for it
    Does Create
    Ever A GroWinG
    Hurricane Painting…
    Winds More Colorful
    To Breathe..:)


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