Freedom to be reigned in

I have lived in 20 cities and have been fortunate to find something good about each. I have made each place my own for the time I was there. Some I really came to appreciate and see as a home. While for a few other, I knew I was just passing through. And, then there were the ones that I really wanted to love but just couldn’t forcing me to move on.

The best have been those whose bright lights mesmerized me and whose city streets I could freely meander. Entranced by a varied rhythm allowing to follow one’s own beat. Freedom to be oneself. Freedom to forge a unique path. Freedom to be reigned in.

In a way those relationships with each of those cities I havd lived in resembled the dynamics with people in one’s life. And, similarly I take a piece of each with me wherever I go to next.

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  1. Working at A Military Bowling Center for Close
    To Twenty Years often asked why does a Man
    With 3 College Degrees
    Work Here don’t you
    Get Bored no for an
    Empath each Human
    Being one Meets
    Is An Entire
    Universe Ever
    Changing to Explore
    And People used to
    Ask me why i was so
    Happy and the Truth
    Was/is i was Happy to
    See them no matter
    Who they were
    Even if they
    Wanted to
    Kill me i
    Just wanted
    to kindly shake
    Their Hand
    And Give
    i already had
    If Possible just
    Wanted to help
    Them enjoy
    For then
    And Now
    It was always
    Spring Break
    Until i got promoted
    To smaller bigger jobs
    All that is..
    Spring With no Break
    Always Enjoying Cold and Cloudy Days as Change too


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