Falling into the trap of the known trap

Now bear with me here. This may become too abstract. But if it does you get complete poetic license to make this about your odd life situations. Actually, I may not even go on for too long. I’m tired and slightly cranky. Mostly tired, though. While watching 20 hours of television, as I am trying to “empty out” my DVR, I was struck by how many people should ostensibly know better, but don’t. I am struck by how people know something may be a lie and yet decide to give it a listen and consideration. I am struck by those who know something may be a trap and yet fall right into it. I don’t know if it is that some people are too naive or just willing to always give that proverbial benefit of the doubt. At some point, you just have to walk away from such messes. I know, very technical term.

I am at a point in life where I do not feel I need to put up with traps, lies, and facades. I feel no need to play along. I’ve got a better game to play- living a good life taking care of my beautiful son. That’s all I have to note on this crisp morning where all signs point to a harsh winter to come.

Winter is coming. Ask yourself, how will you prepare?

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  1. Smiles In my opinion the Human Condition is Strange as it knocks
    Down And Lifts the
    Only Real Solution
    I’ve Found is to
    Pick myself up
    Before and After
    the Punches of Life
    Come appreciating
    Pick me ups more…
    Note with low
    Latent inhibition
    i don’t think i could
    Do it if i absorbed myself
    In the External World too much… introverted
    extroverted i
    Do my Best…
    Anyway i
    Enjoy people
    Who are
    Different like me..
    Smiles have a Nice Day..:)


  2. Winter had already arrived here. Snow and arctic temperatures! I have to hastily dust off my boots, down jackets, ear muffs, hats , toques etc etc etc. And at the end of the day a hot bath. As for the liars and the deceivers and their traps….I have found the older I get the faster I am to spot them and dodge their traps and pitfalls.


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