It is time to call Len

For some reason, I catch early flights. Well, I purposefully chose early flights. The airports are less crowded. Although, airports are seemingly busier and busier even at 4am. I’m always shocked when I see people checking in to their flights before 5am. For some reason I always think I’m going to be the only one. Besides the less crowded theory, which I’ve already disproved to myself, I like early flights as they are less likely to be delayed. Although, I once had a 6am flight out of San Francisco which was delayed for three hours as they needed the sun to rise in order to defrost the plane. I kid you not. One has to wonder who was in charge of those operations. They had run out of de-icing fluid. Air travel can be so undignified these days.

I still like early flights. And my last one a week ago was no exception. I managed to chat a bit with the Uber driver despite my desire to nap. Well, I actually do not nap. Especially in a stranger’s car. However, that doesn’t mean I wanted to have a chat so early in the morning. But chat I did. I wanted my five-star rating. I am so competitive with myself.

As I was chatting, partially bleary-eyed, I noticed a funny/odd billboard. The billboard noted that it was time to call Len. I perked up and pulled out my phone. Just like an impressionable zombie, I wanted to call Len. I suppose it was a good thing I didn’t feel a desire to consume brains. At 4am it probably would have been too heavy on my stomach. And, I note that as someone who eats curry sometimes for breakfast.

I tried to photograph the sign. But failed miserably. Now I am left wondering who is Len and why is the time right for calling him. He could very well be a plumber but I would have no use for him if that were the case. I prefer to think of Len as a fixer. I’d like to see whether one can call him at 3:41am and 60 seconds later he is at your doorstep. And, if he does show up does he bring a mop and shovel.