A head full of fears has no space for dreams

Can’t walk around on tippie-toes. Walking on eggshells. Waiting for the balloon to pop. Wondering what’s around the bend. Wondering whose shadow is that on the wall. Listening to the inner voice going tick-tock, tick-tock. Pausing for the screams to go away yet fill the air.

Everyone has a dream. Maybe even a hundred. Can’t pursue every dream. And not every dream is truly a dream. Some are nightmares. Some are fantasies. And some are reality. Some are from the past. Some can be a roadmap for the future. Some can lift one up in the present.

But a head full of fears has no space for dreams. Fear can paralyze. Fear can take up too much space. Fear can obscure the vision for tomorrow. A dream has a pinch of fear. A dream is a stretch that can be condensed. Shake it up. Put it back out. Don’t let fear stay past its welcome.

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  1. i LiVE iN A ‘Stiff Neck’
    Area of the Country Where Men In
    Make A Huge
    Fail to understand
    Free Style Ballet With
    No Competition Now to
    Per Form.. Yes.. NOT to perform To Expectation is A Source oF All
    Focus Yes
    Will As This
    Pure Grace in
    Harmony Of
    Peaceful Balance
    Wears No Clothes
    Of The Tension of
    Stress In other Words
    Of Fear That Paralyze
    All Human Potential
    Of Will And True
    Strength of
    Love Holds
    No Fear.. Fear
    Holds no Love
    Of Human
    Ballet With
    No Lessons
    Strength Without
    Balled Up Fists my
    SiGNaTuRe Pose
    Is Just that too…
    Both Parody
    Of WHeRE i
    Live And
    Release of
    Yoga Pose
    Held then Repose
    In Peaceful Harmony
    Zero Tension Zero
    Anxiety Zero
    Fears Human
    As The Secret
    To Muhammad
    Ali’s Float Like
    A Butterfly and
    Bruce Lee’s
    Be The Water
    Was Free Style
    Ballet too..
    HeHe they
    Just were not
    ‘Man’ Enough
    To do it in
    Public 12,000
    Miles For 73
    A Penny…
    Just Heaven Within
    Of FLoW ETerNaLLy NoW


  2. Just a Quick Note too..
    Major Fail of Western
    The Neo-Cortex is
    Here as Faithful
    Servant of the
    Two Elder Brains
    Of Limbic System
    And Reptile
    Brain Most…
    Regulate Emotions
    Integrate Senses With
    A Free Dance of Life…
    Thoughts FLoW in
    Peace and Harmony
    Next Repeat
    We are
    Not our
    Thoughts they
    Are Only
    Here To
    Serve The Whole
    Of Our Flesh and
    Blood Mind Body
    Take away the ART
    From HeART and
    SMart and All
    We are ‘Left’
    With is the
    ‘Right’ Brain
    Reasons Of
    S and M He..;)


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