Walking with gasoline on my dress

The other day a colleague mentioned that his very successful athlete daughter has a hard time in one area. Namely, she often has a target on her back. I winced. I wiggled my nose. I whispered a non-helpful answer. Then, I laughed and noted that is sadly not unique to her. I, for example, have had many targets on my back. Sometimes it may even feel like the dress I have on is coated in gasoline waiting to be ignited. That’s obviously a bit extreme on my part. But it can surely feel that way in key moments. I’m sure most of us have felt in such a way at one point in time.

And, it seems that with social media we add more and more targets onto ourselves. Sadly, this we truly do to ourselves. We can opt out of social media. We can opt out of sharing our opinions. We can opt out of wading into an area outside our lane, expertise, or comfort level. But what would be the fun in that?

Here’s my take on the gasoline dress. I make sure to have on a really nice pair of 6-inch heels. I’ll look good. I know how to run in heels. And, I can very quickly take them off and swat soneone away.

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  1. Flowers Blooming
    Thorns Color Rose

    Smiles gotta Love Social
    Media A Viral Video of
    Two little Boys One White
    One Black With Two Dads
    Running to each other for
    A Hug before A Play Date
    Just one negative comment
    In the You Tube
    Peanut Gallery…

    Frowns Gotta Hate
    Social Media taking
    Away Our Humanity
    16 Year-Old Stabbed In
    Mall.. no one helps..
    Social Media
    Voyeurs.. Tape
    The Killing for their
    Passing Amusement….

    To our Folly
    We stay Silent…
    To our Joy We Still Hug….

    SMiLes.. A Target on my
    Back for 47 Years for
    Being too Nice accused
    Of not being ‘Man’
    Enough in
    Trump Jesus
    Town.. Empathy
    Scarce Commodity
    For those who are
    Different so sad when
    Happy is A Functional
    Disability to the
    Ignorant of
    HeART in a
    Place where you
    Practically have to
    Become Superman
    To Really be as
    As Jesus….
    Live by the Smart
    Phone Die by the
    Smart Phone Flowers
    And Thorns are the


  2. I am not wearing gasoline soaked dresses, other than the fact they would not flatter my figure!
    But I am a walking fire hazard, though even when the spark ignites it all I am most apt at ignoring the flames and coolly mentioning I feel quite toasty

    The biggest problem for me is that when I tell others they get all uppity and offering help in all forms, except to simply just agree and let me sort it out my way as I’ve planned it!

    Because the one burning in multiple degrees, and who is already fire retardant, doesn’t need a lecture on fire safety but merely wants someone to pass him a fire extinguisher on occasion and maybe a glass of cold water!!


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