Gonna burn that dress up…maybe

I have a dress in my closet that was a ginormous bargain. It bought it in a trendy district and was elated upon finding it. For it was perfect. It embodied a point in time. It embodied a commitment to an idea. It fit me smoothly despite it being an off color for me. I wore it with glee at how perfect it was. Photographs were taken of me in it that really conveyed a pointed point. Then the dress was no longer my friend. It became a symbol of sadness and what is wrong in the world. Not that what was wrong with the dress would be evident to anyone but me. Well. And a few others with a keen sense of knowing. Now I see the dress hanging in the closet and I just want to take it down. I want to take it out back and pile a bunch of leaves around it. Then I want to burn it. But I probably won’t. Remembrance of that which is wrong can be right. But it’s not to say just one day I’m gonna burn that dress down.

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  1. Can I add a lifetime of memories I don’t want to that pile of leaves?!
    Or I might sell them to buy those rose tinted glasses and reality blockers that blindly happy folk have, give me a break from my reflection for a while

    PS; yes I know, I am way too positive today!


  2. It’s a bit Disconcerting
    After 11,111 Miles
    Of Public Dance In 6
    Years i still don’t
    Have A Highly defined
    6- Pack in fact
    Ms. Perfect Body
    Who relaxes on her
    Recliner scolds me
    Somedays.. yes the 49
    Year-Old oft Described
    Eternal Teenager will
    Taunt me if i Eat Too
    Much that i am Developing
    A Mini-Keg even
    Though i don’t
    Drink Beer.. but you
    Know what Dance Hair
    Don’t care.. i wore a Shirt
    With Bart Simpson last
    Night with His underwear
    On Belly proudly displayed
    With the Caption
    ‘Last Perfect Man’
    Defying the Eternal
    Teenager’s Taunt that
    Imperfect is not Perfect
    Hehe.. it’s all About
    It’s All About
    Soul and hey
    Look at ‘Buddha’
    Gives me Room to
    Grow even if i
    Can’t meet
    Of Solitary
    Slender With SMiLes..
    When i was 33 i could
    Meet that Standard…
    Asking God for a
    ‘Mulligan’ as i
    Approach 60…
    Not an Irish
    Beer…. Trivia Note..
    My ‘Rainsford’
    Ancestors housed
    The Place of Guinness
    Beer 🍺 Irish Eyes
    Will Smile!! No
    Matter size of
    Pint or
    Belly..! hehe..😁🕺


  3. I have a dress with matching jacket that I wore to my daughters first wedding. I wanted to wear black but the outfit was blue. The marriage was a disaster and my daughter, a strong woman, got out and saved herself and her infant son. I have thought of burning that outfit but as it is actually quite nice I am going to donate it to the Care and Share store. It has sat in my cupboard for several years now so it deserves a second chance with someone else.


  4. Improve your karma: donate the dress – thus sending the memories packing – and make someone whose color it is very happy in addition.

    I have to do that with bunches of things I brought to California because I thought I MIGHT use them. Should have saved the space.


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